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Inkjet printer repair details

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-07

Learning how to repair inkjet printers can not only restore the marking equipment to work quickly and ensure the normal operation of the production line, but also provide convenience for printer manufacturers and save time. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to repair cij printers.

Many people have heard the phrase 'details determine success or failure'. In the use and maintenance of cij printers, we will also encounter various problems, some of which are within the scope of our knowledge and need to be dealt with. However, this type of problem is common.

We can quickly find the root cause and details, and make targeted solutions. The difficulty is that some faults are very unreasonable and appear inexplicable, which will greatly prolong our maintenance work time, and it is difficult to deal with them in a short time.

In 2020, I will discuss with you the three major details of inkjet printer maintenance to make maintenance more convenient.

In the past, I have talked with the majority of users about the maintenance of the inkjet printer and the working principle of the cij printer, including the knowledge of the ink circuit of the computer inkjet printer (ink circuit diagram), circuit knowledge, common operation process and so on.

For example, in 'Easy to Do Maintenance

1. There is a problem with the nozzle part of the inkjet printer.

The print head is mainly composed of ink tubes, recovery tubes, cleaning tubes, circuit lines, nozzles, high-voltage deflection plates, recovery tanks, phase detectors, and charging tanks. Among them, the three pipes of Molu are the most prone to problems and the most frequently solved.

Our inkjet printer ink is easy to dry and solidify, and the time is about 0.3 seconds. If it is not used for a long time, or unconventional shutdown, it is easy to cause ink accumulation inside the pipeline and nozzle, which will cause the pipeline to be blocked. .

When encountering such a problem, we must carefully judge which pipe it is, and then use the simple knowledge of training users to perform maintenance step by step, and gradually open up, if the nozzle is seriously blocked, we can use an ultrasonic cleaning machine. , to achieve the effect of efficient and fast processing.

Second, the Leadtech Coding and typing are not clear and the typing is scattered.

In addition to cleaning the nozzle and cleaning the filter before the nozzle we mentioned before, we should learn to start from the circuit part for preliminary diagnosis and detection, and avoid unclear and scattered typing due to circuit charging or calibration problems. Or the problem of ink line instability.

The details of the circuit include, charging calibration measurement, pressure calibration, high voltage measurement, ground wire detection, etc. At this time, we need a multimeter for auxiliary work, and the use and operation of the multimeter are also necessary. indispensable.

If you want to become an inkjet printer maintenance expert, you must understand some of the circuit knowledge. Starting from the circuit ink circuit step by step is our way to solve the problem faster and more stably.

Three, the printer should be maintained regularly.

This is a blind spot for most operators or printer users. Considering the cost, some users say that maintenance and cleaning can save some costs, but they don’t know that such neglect is not only a loss of Higher maintenance costs later.

At the same time, the life of the printer is lost, which will cause the equipment to lose value earlier. On the basis of knowing the working principle of the inkjet printer, we clearly know that regular maintenance of the inkjet printer can not only avoid the development of some unnecessary failures.

Moreover, our printing effect can always maintain the best quality, and a good working condition will allow us to do more with less.

Fourth, the nozzle of the printer is frequently cleaned.

All our users who use small character computer cij printers will encounter the problem of cleaning the nozzles and nozzles. In daily maintenance, printer manufacturers generally require users to clean the nozzles after each use. Nozzle cleaning, in the internal program setting of the printer.

There is also a printer cleaning setting, which can be set for several cycles of cleaning. It usually takes 1 to 2 minutes. Use the cleaning pot to squeeze the cleaning agent against the nozzle.

'How to effectively reduce the cleaning frequency of the inkjet printer?' Through a few simple steps, we can effectively reduce the cleaning frequency. No matter it is any brand of inkjet printer, it will encounter repair and maintenance and failure condition.

So the user's mentality is very important, learn a lot of the theoretical knowledge of inkjet printers, whether it is a small character inkjet printer or a laser inkjet printer, you can quickly get started and get the best marking effect.

Having talked about the details of the above four points of inkjet printer maintenance, presumably all users have a new understanding and understanding of our marking equipment. maintenance is a meticulous job and requires a good attitude. And unremitting efforts, under the serious and responsible learning and operation, will eventually make the inkjet printer your right-hand man and a helping hand in your production.

In addition, with the advancement of science and technology and the development of the times, we will keep pace with the times and launch inkjet marking equipment with better quality, faster speed and lower price, striving to be the most outstanding marking in the country equipment supplier.

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