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Inkjet Printer Solution for Construction Industry-Construction Industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-04

Industry characteristics:

The dust in the production environment is large, which is easy to cause the problem of clogging of the nozzle, and the noise of the power supply is easy to cause interference to the printer, resulting in inaccurate charging of the printer , and the problem of unstable printing characters occurs. The printed characters are also larger.


Q70, Q70S, Q90 series large character cij printers, industrial-grade nozzles are perfectly combined with the system, give full play to the advantages of the nozzles, and achieve 7*24 hours of high-speed operation , 50m/min high-quality high-speed printing under 200dpi*200dpi accuracy, powerful variable data typesetting software and RJ45 interface technology, to meet customers' remote upload information and various data printing needs Poison imported water-based ink, also equipped with various properties of ink to provide the choice of this program to choose 35pl nozzle is mainly for the cost of ink has a great advantage.

Designed for dusty environments with high temperature fluctuations, in the face of near-constant uptime, dusty environments and extreme temperatures, you need a Leadtech Coding solution that works just as hard as you do. Not only can you achieve consistent code quality over the useful life of your printer, but you can also minimize maintenance with a reliable solution from Videojet.

In addition, using our large capacity ink/solvent containers allows our printers to run longer, reducing the time interval required for ink/solvent changes.

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Applicable models:

SQ3210-fiber-marking machine-steel

M9+Conveying water high-speed printing

E19 high-resolution inkjet printer

Q70 inkjet printer for carton

Q70S inkjet printer for carton

Q90 cij printer for carton

Application case: see more customer cases

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