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Inkjet Printer Solution for Food and Beverage Industry-Food and Beverage Industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-28

Industry Characteristics:

Food and beverage manufacturers operate in harsh environments, with requirements ranging from high line speeds to condensation.

Food and beverage manufacturers and bottle packers seek to increase efficiency throughout their operations, including avoiding errors and waste, such as blockages or machine downtime due to poor quality coding, as the impact of wasted production time is very huge.


Food is closely related to us in daily life, its particularity requires the importance of food Leadtech Coding and marking, due to differences in production environment and printing materials, etc. It is a big problem for the coding technology industry. At present, the main difficulties of the Leadtech Coding technology in the beverage industry are as follows: There are various packaging materials, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, laminated cartons, cans, shrinkable plastic films, etc. are common packaging. To mark on so many surfaces requires a printer manufacturer that can offer a wide range of marking technologies. Because for different materials, they can provide corresponding inkjet marking technology or laser marking technology solutions, coupled with a wide variety of inks, to ensure high-quality marking requirements on various materials.

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Applicable model:

C02 laser SQ3000+ high-speed conveying and Leadtech Coding

Laser SQ3200-CO2 High Speed u200bu200bFlight + Paging

Laser Fiber 3210 (Static)

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