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Inkjet printer used in cosmetics

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-27

People are paying more and more attention to skin care, so the investment in care products is also increasing. Skin care products have become the mainstream of domestic cosmetics consumption. From the perspective of today's cosmetics industry, from international brands to new domestic brands, anti-counterfeiting and anti-squatting behaviors are the primary considerations. So how to effectively achieve anti-counterfeiting and anti-crossing goods behavior? Marking laser coding solutions are widely used in a variety of daily chemical product production lines, including bottle packaging, glass packaging, carton packaging, etc., from primary packaging to outer packaging, and then to batch packaging. According to customer requirements, from simple production date, expiration date, batch number, to identifiable bar code and two-dimensional code, it can meet the traceable identification requirements and play a role of anti-counterfeiting and anti-crossing goods.

How do you see the production date of cosmetics? Today I will introduce you to everyone.

First, the label on the cosmetic bottle: the above-mentioned logo that often appears on the cosmetic bottle, a string of characters composed of several English letters and numbers . Secondly, skin care product production batch numbers: European and American skin care products are all marked with the correct production batch numbers. Japan's production batch numbers are messy, and the production batch number is one batch number per production batch. The shelf life of general skin care products is three years and makeup is five years.

Can the production date on the outer packaging be washed off with nail polish remover?

I bought a bottle of nail polish remover, and I bought a variety of cosmetics in plastic and cartons for experiments in the supermarket. After dipping the nail polish remover with a cotton swab, gently smear it on the production date on the top of the product packaging box. In less than a second, the smeared writing disappeared instantly. After the nail polish remover residue was wiped off with a napkin, the package was There are hardly any traces left.

Use the same method to apply other types of product packaging, most production dates can be easily smeared. The effect of plastic and rigid plastic bags is particularly obvious. The effect of the paper box with film is slightly worse, and the paper box without film can leave obvious marks.

Experimental results: The production date marked with ink can be easily erased. After changing so many production dates, I dipped it in the nail polish remover three or five times, and this bottle of nail polish remover is almost intact, and the nail polish remover can be regarded as the higher price of the 'magic potion' that can alter the production date. One kind, it can be seen that the cost of alteration is low. The characteristics of the inkjet printer can better solve this problem. 1. Efficiency: The laser marking machine adopts imported radio frequency laser (metal package) and imported high-speed galvanometer scanning system, and special online flight marking control software for accessories, which can meet the online flight (continuous dynamic) marking of products on the production line , The text, numbers, symbols, graphics and anti-counterfeiting automatic codes and serial numbers that form permanent information. It can well replace the marking efficiency of ink jet printers. 2. Environmental protection: The laser marking process is automated, non-contact, pollution-free, low operating cost (no consumables), perfect online dynamic and static marking, suitable for different production lines, low failure rate (no daily maintenance, reducing equipment failures) Caused by unplanned shutdown). The operation of the staff is easy, simple and safe. 3Permanence: The marking effect of the laser marking machine is unique, and it is permanent and non-erasable coating with anti-counterfeiting effect, which can effectively prevent regional fleeing of goods, fake and inferior products and alteration of production date, and play a good anti-counterfeiting effect on the marked products. Anti-tampering function.

Advantages of cij printer application:

1: Using original imported sealed metal radio frequency laser generator, stable performance ,long lasting.

2: Environmentally friendly high-tech products, in line with EU standards.

3: Higher work efficiency and faster production line speed.

4: Equipped with high-precision two-dimensional scanning system, fast speed, high precision and excellent performance.

To sum up, it can be seen that the cij printer has a great role in the cosmetics industry, and it is important for consumers to buy fake skin care products. The product is also guaranteed!

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