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Inkjet printers are widely used in building materials

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-02-24
As a general term, the building materials industry has many classifications, which can be divided into dozens of different industry products such as stainless steel materials, aluminum alloy materials, glass, ceramic tiles, marble, quartz stone, and gypsum board. No matter what kind of building materials, there will be corresponding product identification, such as product name, quality level, production date, product batch number, inspection qualification, brand LOGO and other information. These products are inextricably linked to production and construction, and a large amount of demand also determines that the competition in this industry is quite fierce. Therefore, manufacturers of building materials not only work hard on the quality of the products themselves, but also strive for the labeling of building materials. One step ahead of peers to win the favor of consumers. Our advanced coding and marking equipment can reflect the information marks of these building materials industry on the product surface and product packaging, so that consumers can be aware of the product, and at the same time enhance the brand's marketing power. In this era, the inkjet printer entered the building materials industry and achieved success. When many kinds of building materials leave the factory, in order to better distinguish the model of various building materials and indicate the name of the manufacturer, it is often necessary to spray a series of characters on the surface of the building materials by the inkjet printer. The content can include the company name, batch number, Product thickness, production date and serial number, etc., facilitate the management of building materials products. u003c/pu003e The lowering of the production threshold of inkjet printer consumables, the gradual improvement in the quality of inkjet printer consumables from domestic manufacturers, and the reduction of costs, have promoted many building materials manufacturers to gradually phase out encrypted inkjet laser laser marking machine brands, and will choose consumables with good compatibility Brand inkjet printers, thereby reducing the cost of printing their own products. The main reason why companies add corresponding identification information on the surface of the product is to distinguish other brands or other products in the same industry, so that the users of the product can understand the basic attributes of the product more clearly. It is also to enhance brand influence. Compared with Sanwu products, consumers are still more willing to buy branded products with information signs such as manufacturers and qualified inspections. In order to facilitate the enterprise to control the entire process of the product from the warehouse to the terminal sales, it is helpful for the marking inkjet printer to assign the corresponding information to the product. Only when there is a situation of counterfeiting and counterfeiting, the enterprise can know and solve it in the first time. To learn more about inkjet printer knowledge, please log in to the official website: or call the free service number:u003c/pu003e
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