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Inkjet printers help ensure the safety of cooking oil

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-19
As an essential cooking material in the kitchen, edible oil occupies an important position in people's daily consumption. If its quality is not guaranteed, it will cause health damage to hundreds of millions of consumers. The State Council and related departments issued a number of documents on establishing a food quality and safety traceability system in 2015, and edible oil is a part of them. The purpose is to guide edible vegetable oil manufacturers to establish a food quality and safety traceability system to achieve product traceability, safety and traceability, and risk control, so as to continuously improve the level of food safety management of the enterprise and ensure the safety of edible vegetable oil products. A few days ago, the 'Regulations for the Traceability Management of Edible Oil Circulation' (T/CFCA 0014-2020) was officially released. This measure will provide a standard basis for regulating the safety of edible oil circulation and ensuring product quality and safety. The standard was proposed and managed by the Standardization Technical Committee of China Non-staple Food Circulation Association, and is managed by Xiangchi Holdings Co., Ltd., China Non-staple Food Circulation Association Food Safety and Information Traceability Branch, National Agricultural Products Modern Logistics Engineering Technology Research Center, and Food and Nutrition Development Research Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, etc. The 11 units have jointly drafted it, which is suitable for information traceability management and information sharing in the circulation process of edible oil factory, logistics, sales, circulation processing, etc., and the traceability of information in the production process can be used as a reference. Among them, it is clear that for the traceability identification, it is stipulated that the information traceability identification should be carried in the circulation process of edible oil, and the information traceability identification should have a unique identification code. So what role does the two-dimensional code play as one of the traceability identifications? 1. Anti-counterfeiting query function: It can effectively prevent counterfeit products and increase consumers' recognition of the brand. 2. Traceability function: It can track every process of commodity production, so that consumers can scan the code to control when buying, and buy with confidence. 3. One item, one code marketing activities: through one item, one code marketing activities, rewards such as coupons, points, cash red envelopes, mall deduction coupons, etc. are distributed to achieve interaction with consumers, which can effectively accumulate a certain number of fans, and Build stickiness with consumers to understand consumer needs, and help companies carry out precision marketing. 4. Brand promotion function: product details or company videos can help deepen consumers' awareness of products and brands. 5. Big data platform: Through the identification of one item, one code, the consumption habits of consumers can be easily obtained through informatization big data collection, so that enterprises can obtain information that could not be obtained by spending a lot of money and manpower in the past without spending a lot of energy. , To help merchants do a better job of marketing and promotion. One item, one code identification is not only conducive to regulating the circulation order of edible oil, restricting the impact of shoddy and fake edible oil on the social harm, and promoting the healthy development of the overall food industry. It can also help edible oil companies to establish a more complete and better The circulation traceability management system realizes the industrial upgrading of the enterprise, and at the same time reduces the circulation cost of edible oil to a certain extent, guarantees the safety of edible oil circulation, ensures the safety of edible oil quality, and makes consumption more at ease! The business covers more than 30 countries on five continents. To meet all customers' industrial Leadtech Coding needs, and at the same time, we are committed to easy operation and to meet the special requirements of customers, providing a full range of identification solutions. Its solution is economical and practical, low cost of use, simple maintenance, excellent performance and reliable operation.
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