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Internet + and inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-11

'Internet +' is a further practical result of Internet thinking. In layman's terms, 'Internet +' means 'Internet + various traditional industriesp>

Add, but to allow the Internet to deeply integrate with traditional industries, to give full play to the optimization and integration role of the Internet in the allocation of social resources, and to enhance the innovation and innovation of the whole society


The domestic concept of 'Internet+' can be traced back to Yu Yang's speech at the 5th Analysys Mobile Internet Expo in November 2012.

In the retail, e-commerce and other fields, the integration with the Internet has been seen in the past few years, and it is also changing the economic structure of the entire society. In 2014, China

The number of Internet users in China reached 649 million, there were more than 4 million websites, and the e-commerce transaction volume exceeded RMB 13 trillion.

We have such a vast market and such a large sales potential. As the owner of advanced products in this era, you feel fast and convenient at the same time.< /p>

Worry about the quality of the product, the cij printer is a product that conforms to the needs of the times.

The cij printer uses charged ink particles, deflected by a high-voltage electric field, and prints patterns, characters and numbers on the surface of various objects. It is a mechatronics High technology products.

Products are widely used in the food industry. They can be used to print production dates, batch numbers, barcodes, trademark patterns, anti-counterfeiting marks, and Chinese characters. They are the implementation and promotion of hygiene.

Modern and powerful packaging equipment.

With the product logo, the product can be traced back to the origin. You can let go of your worries and enjoy the reform dividends of the information superhighway era.

is a professional company that provides high-quality industrial marking equipment and takes the lead in the industry. The core technology is sourced from

Germany, to meet all the customer's industrial coding needs, and at the same time, is committed to easy operation and to meet the special requirements of customers, providing a full range of identification solutions. Its solution

The solution is economical and practical, low cost of use, simple maintenance, excellent performance, and reliable operation.

To provide you with all-round and extremely meticulous service!

Most people who see a in operation for the first time are amazed at how well the date printing machine is managed.
LEAD TECH Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to bring our industry nuances of style and approaches to cij printer which are consistent with our evolving aspirations.
Using high-quality materials to produce cij printer is one of the most important part during manufacturing.
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