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Introduction and safe operation rules of portable inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-11

In the sign industry, portable inkjet printers have actually existed for a long time, and they are also accepted by a large number of customers in market sales. With the rise of the Internet of Things and the popularization of the concept of one object, one code, more and more The products need to be coded, then a cheap and widely applicable equipment will have a very large market. As a supplement to the mid-to-high-end market, and the lack of equipment in the Leadtech Coding and marking industry has always been, portable cij printers can It's all the rage, and it has a very deep foundation.

Portable inkjet printer, also known as handheld cij printer, handheld inkjet printer, handheld inkjet printer, handheld ink typewriter, handheld inkjet printer, etc., portable inkjet printer (label) machine It is a handheld portable machine that can print letters, numbers, Chinese characters, icons and other logos on the surface of the product.

Safety operating procedures for handheld inkjet printers:

1. Before starting the machine, check whether the power cord, nozzle and hose of the equipment meet the safety requirements.

2. The boot process should be initialized, and no other operations should be performed during about 1 minute.

3. Non-maintenance workers are strictly prohibited from opening the front control door of the printer and disassembling the printer's alarm lights, side plate fixing screws and other parts.

4. Sundries (such as casings, rags, shredded paper, screws, etc.) are strictly prohibited in the machine cavity of the printer.

5. The squad leader will pick it up, and the printer maintenance worker will check and add it regularly, and it shall not cause an alarm to stop due to the untimely receipt or addition.

6. When a fault alarm occurs during the operation of the equipment, the operator should promptly notify the maintenance worker to deal with it.

7. When the date is incomplete or dated during the operation of the equipment, the operator first informs the team leader to check whether the printing conditions are correct, and then notify the maintenance worker to carry out maintenance after confirming that it is correct.

8. The setting of printing conditions must be reasonable.

10. It is strictly forbidden to mix the power cord of the printer with high-power and strong interference equipment.

11. Since ink and solvent are inflammable and explosive materials, the machine cavity should be kept clean.

12. The waste liquid in the agglutination bottle in the machine cavity should be extracted regularly (once a week) to avoid leakage.

13. Anti-solvent latex gloves and protective glasses should be worn during cleaning and maintenance.

14. Electric tools and hair dryers are prohibited from being plugged into the special socket of the printer.

15. Electric welding is prohibited near the printer (within 5 meters)

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