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Introduction of nine uses of laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-16

The laser marking machine uses laser beams to mark permanent marks on the surface of various materials, such as electronic components, integrated circuits, mobile communications, hardware products, jewelry, pharmaceutical packaging, building materials and other industries. Extensive, in fact, in addition to the marking purpose of the laser marking machine, there are other uses that we do not know.

Laser marking: The light guide plate of laser marking dot extraction is not easy to yellow, with high illuminance, uniform light guide and long-lasting effect.

Drilling: Laser drilling requires simple workpiece clamping, and it is easy to realize online and automation on the production line. Laser drilling can be carried out on various materials such as hard, brittle, and soft, with fast processing speed and high precision, and the hole wall surface is smooth and free of burrs.

Engraving light-transmitting characters: The marking parameters adjusted by professional technicians can engrave light-transmitting effect on plastic, glass, acrylic and other materials, not only There is no damage to the glossy surface of the product, and the transmittance is very clear. It can engrave LOGO trademark, text, two-dimensional code, pattern, serial number, symbol, name, anti-counterfeiting code, code, barcode, etc. This laser engraving machine has the advantages of fast engraving speed, long service life, simple operation, zero consumables, high precision and safety. Environmental protection and zero pollution, the engraved text and patterns have the characteristics of long-term non-fading and non-falling.

Engraving: It uses the thermal energy of the laser to engrave the material, with high efficiency, and the surface of the engraved place is smooth and round; it can be widely used in various non-metals and metals material for engraving.

Laser scribing: The laser marking machine can use a more advanced and flexible technology to concentrate the micron-sized laser energy on the surface layer that needs to be scribbled. Moreover, the laser energy will not cause any damage to other layers or even the entire layer. Whether it is a solid line or a dashed line, or different scribe shapes, it can be easily achieved!

Laser hollowing out: The existing laser technology can completely hollow out carvings on various thin sheets. The laser marking machines produced by Fulan Laser all use high-speed digital scanning heads, which are small in size, fast in speed, good in stability, dynamic focusing, and have a wide processing format. They are suitable for arbitrary graphics processing and compatible with various drawing software. Bitmap, scribing, cutting, and hollowing are done at one time, with no yellowing or smearing.

Marking: The laser marking machine can mark products of any material. The marking is clear and fine, with unique visual and tactile effects and the characteristics of never rubbing. Therefore, it has strong anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling characteristics, and can improve the grade of products while preventing counterfeiting.

Integrated marking and cutting: Two functions of marking and cutting can be realized on one product at the same time.

Laser burning: The laser marking machine effectively combines the computer-aided design technology to artistically finish the denim fabric. Instantaneous vaporization or color fading, so as to form non-fading image patterns, gradient patterns, cat whiskers, frosting, holes, washing, and other effects on various denim fabrics. Due to the high controllability of the laser, it can also achieve many Personalized color pull print effect.

In addition to the above uses, there are many uses for laser marking that are waiting for us to discover, welcome to discuss with us.

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