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Introduction of printer failure

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-07
Introduction to the 8 major faults of the cij printer: 1. Low solvent level: The solvent level is too low. The printer can still print normally for a period of time, so a new bottle of solvent should be added as soon as possible. 2. Ink level is low: The ink level is too low. The printer can still print normally for a period of time, and a new bottle of ink should be added as soon as possible. 3. Solvent level is empty: The solvent level is below the minimum level. The inkjet printer cannot work normally, and it can be turned on normally after adding a new bottle of solvent. 4. Empty ink level: The ink level is below the minimum level. The cij printer cannot work normally. After adding a new bottle of ink, it can be turned on and printed normally after a certain exhaust time. 3. Failure of the recovery tube: Ink cannot enter the recovery tube. Please check if the ink line is aligned with the recovery tube or check if the nozzle is blocked. For specific methods, please refer to the nozzle parts cleaning and ink line adjustment methods. 4. High voltage failure: High voltage failure may be caused by ink on the deflector plate or other impurities on the deflector plate, which causes the deflector plate to discharge. Check the print head, clean the deflection plate if necessary, and keep the deflection plate clean and dry. 5. Phase failure: The modulation is incorrect, and there is ink or solvent on the charging tank. Check whether the ink pressure and BFT value correspond to the set value, reset the modulation function, clean and check the charging tank. 6. Pressure sensor failure: The sensor input is malfunctioning. Check the connection of the sensor (the connection of the pressure sensor to the interface board and the connection of the interface board to the main board are smooth). If the fault cannot be eliminated, you should ask the company's maintenance personnel to repair it. 7. Ink viscosity failure: The current value of BFT deviates from the set value of BFT by 20%, and the alarm shows that the ink is too thin or the ink is too thick. 8. Viscometer failure: When the viscosity value is not detected, the alarm displays 'Viscometer failure'.
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