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Introduction of regional laser marking machine manufacturers

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-15

Laser marking technology is a very important processing technology in various industrial production and online stores, and it also determines the quality of the overall product. At present, many manufacturers in the peninsula area will search for 'laser marking machine, Yantai laser marking machine, Weihai laser marking machine' and choose the laser marking machine produced by laser to complete various industrial production. Not only because of the fast printing speed but also because the marking quality is more outstanding, the wide range of materials that can be marked is highly flexible. Therefore, manufacturers scramble to choose advanced fiber laser marking machines.

There should be a lot of laser equipment manufacturers in the region. Why does laser energy have a certain influence in the region and is well received by the outside world?

1. Fast marking speed: the fast speed of the entire processing and marking process is the characteristic of the largest marking, and therefore correspondingly improves the processing efficiency in the entire marking process, and in the marking process The convenience of automation has a strong advantage.

2. The marking effect is good, whether it is flat, curved or circular: the use of high-speed scanning lenses can complete image scanning in a very short time and complete exquisite marking ; Reasonable design, fine workmanship, high-grade appearance; CNC rotary head, automatic fixture, loading and unloading production line can be configured according to user requirements; automatic completion date, serial number, and barcode marking; data communication and networking.


Applicable to all kinds of metals, metal oxides, glass, plastics, etc., used in bearings, chips, mobile phone keys, clocks, stainless steel Tableware, drills, electrical panels, electric dials, U disks, computer keyboards, batteries, electronics, communications, electrical appliances, instruments, tools, precision instruments, accessories, watches, glasses, hardware plumbing, building materials, auto parts, etc.

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