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Introduction to Co2 laser marking machine how to solve the assignment of keyboard identification code requirements

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-17

as one of the essential input devices in the computer keyboard, let us convenient input more fluent. Keyboard is through 24 English letters, the number of 0 ~ 9, and other punctuation or special symbols such as the input to the calculation, so as to complete the instructions, digital output, etc. Like tapping out in this article, small make up in front of the computer is also done through the keyboard, assuming no keyboard, the mouse can be used to complete, but in the case of a low efficiency, so the keyboard for a part is indispensable to the computer itself.

used in computer keyboard there are many kinds of material, but the most common is given priority to with plastic. In some Internet cafes, computer room, or a personal computer is not difficult to find that, the plastic material made mainly from cost, flexibility and ease of combination of consideration. Here, of course, did not say there is no other material keyboard exist, but in terms of the use of plastic range is wide. For the Numbers, letters, symbols on a keyboard information such as the concrete is how to cover up? Using co2 laser marking machine can be easily done.

no matter in what kind of plastic material can be use co2 laser marking machine for quick, but what need reminds is, when encountered metal keyboard can't choose the co2 laser machine, should choose the fiber laser marking machine, but a few wood, glass and other nonmetal material still is to be able to use the co2 laser laser laser marking machine. On the keyboard identification information besides there are letters, Numbers, characters, there are still some design class information, but not much, no matter in which form of identification can be done by laser marking machine, able to meet the diverse needs of the keyboard identification.

Co2 Co2 laser marking machine mainly by burning laser keyboard surface with a laser tag tag information form, due to the laser marking machine marking speed is more than traditional mark for 2 times, the completion of a keyboard it only takes a few minutes. Because the keyboard is different between each position, and there is no specification of distribution, but can still corresponding precision marking of each key. And ordinary silk screen is not able to do this! ! !

as the button is direct contact with the fingers of an object, for identifying information on the keyboard of dependent, wear resistance, the handwriting of clarity and other requirements are relatively high. And co2 laser marking machine equipment advantages on these aspects is really large, permanent marking effect, the stability of the equipment performance, maintainability free hand, wear resistance, solvent resistance, resistance to sweat on the aspects such as the overwhelming advantage. Can do for marking work continuously at the same time, in order to ensure the quality of the production and improve the plant production efficiency, etc.

all in all, co2 laser marking machine for all kinds of information on the keyboard of assigned a code can do easily solve the problem, and can satisfy the keyboard information is not easy to wear, long durability, elegant, long demand. On the keyboard for laser marking machine application will promote the development of laser marking machine, laser machine can get used in more industries and fields, and get the favour of walks of life people, to solve their concerns, etc.
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