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Introduction to co2 laser marking technology in the practical application of plastic pipe

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-11

with the development of laser marking technology, more and more industry began to try to use laser marking machine code assigned to realize product identification information. Plastic pipe in some cases we may compare to it a bit strange, after all, we don't often go to touch such a commodity, but for some construction workers, decoration workers must be familiar with, the role of the plastic pipe is larger, the basic all buildings need to use plastic pipe in order to achieve the effect of some kind of want to, for example the simplest is the drainage. But a little bit careful friends some information can be found on the plastic tube is exist, can let a person easily distinguished the information about products.

in the production of plastic pipe factory in China is absolutely more than home, there are competition relations every product, even the same brand of two kinds of goods there are competition relations, but for consumers are usually assign who will choose and remember it, aeriform in bring repeat business for products. Plastic pipe is a kind of high-tech composite chemical building materials, belong to one of four new arrow material, is widely used in building drainage, urban drainage, gas pipe and other fields. Compared with the traditional pipe, compared to this new type of plastic pipe is more energy-saving, environmental protection, corrosion resistance, light, convenient, long service life, etc. Thus it factory business identity information about the product surface requirement also with the development of it and continue to improve.

in the processing of plastic piping will encounter in the process of transport and use of constant friction collision, so it must be clear to the requirement of identity information, difficult to damage, easy to identify and permanent. Plastic pipe has a variety of different types, size is different also, businesses only in the play tag in the corresponding model can convenient management, at the same time play will make a corresponding tag company name or logo, this can let users are more likely to remember and deepen our impression of you, branding can be enhanced in the place where intangible force, and lead to potential customers. How can the rapid in plastic pipe shaft are marked? Combined with co2 laser marking machine is ok, of course choose other types of laser laser laser marking machine is also allowed, only co2 is more suitable for plastic goods a little bit.

using co2 laser marking machine in plastic pipe has the following characteristics:

1, businesses can use laptop or desktop computer, and using the drawing tools on the computer to realize your own company name, serial number, logo, model and other relevant information and then link the co2 laser machine can easily mark out.

2, whatever the type of plastic pipe can be implemented with the help of a laser printer, don't have to worry about plastic pipe is too long and affect the marking effect

3, can match the conveyor belt use, to achieve the dynamic marking, and many places in the same plastic pipe marking

4 effect is permanent, target, and beautiful, precision, and at the same time laser machine belongs to zero pollution, zero consumables, low cost, long service life, maintenance free, good quality, fast speed, better practicability, operation more convenient

all in all, the existence of the co2 laser marking machine for plastic products such as provides a better marking options and has a better marking environment, can meet the personalized requirements of marking factory merchants. Non-contact way of marking, can better protect the plastic pipe, won't make the deformation will not appear as affected by high temperature calcination, etc.
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