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Introduction to convenient optical fiber laser marking machine for identification industry shift

by:LEAD TECH      2020-10-16

with the application of laser marking machine in the sign industry, for all kinds of cosmetics, medicine, food, cosmetic, auto parts, electronic components, tobacco, mobile phone accessories industry has brought great convenience. In order to be able to meet the demand of more industries for a laser mark, at the same time in order to let the user to have a better user experience, the development of the laser marking machine is not improved. This mixed convenient type of optical fiber laser marking machine gradually appear in the manufacturer's field of vision, brought more choice, for its also satisfies the partial businessman's demand for laser marking equipment.

before know convenient type optical fiber laser marking machine, first take you to get to know the daily to some common identity information in the producer goods by what? Whenever we go to buy goods is easy to find even the same type of goods there are diverse, even if is a manufacturer to produce products, will exist certain differences between each other. Diversified choice really meet the needs of the diverse consumers, though the packaging of goods there are diverse, but there are certain in the aspect of identity information in common. It is not difficult to find that most will have on the package of the goods production date, validity, and shelf life, bar code, the qr code, graphics, logos, certificate number, such as main information exists, perhaps these information has differences in expression form, but we are the most common in the commodity packaging information. No matter what kind of form is the information displayed in the commodity packaging, can be convenient by optical fiber laser marking machine.

convenient optical fiber laser marking machine as the name suggests is a convenient and fast optical fiber laser marking machine, is a kind of can direct links on the desktop computer use of optical fiber laser marking machine. Due to the sector businesses don't want to waste too much time on installation, hence portable laser machine. On the working principle is the same, the use of laser beam in the formation of a variety of different material surfaces gasification and leaves a mark. Throughout the process to be playing the underlying object form, zero zero contact extrusion, zero corrosion, zero pollution, zero consumables, zero poison security environmental protection system, to ensure that the formation of fine processing on the marked objects, thus improve the goods a markup process of the whole class.

the emergence of laser marking machine is to identify industry development has brought great convenience, convenient and the emergence of the optical fiber laser marking machine and brought another to identify industry is convenient. To directly use the producers fast, portable laser machine will surely brings more benefits for them, and save the installation time cost. In fact, whatever the type of laser marking machine for sign industry is of great benefit. For the merchants can make again at the same time to solve the problem of identity identification information be permanent marker, anti-counterfeiting list of goods for the purpose of prevention.

what has been discussed above, the use of convenient type optical fiber laser marking machine for goods identification information such as dates, qr code, logo, design of marking could make the grade of the product was promoted. The convenience degree of portable laser machine to improve the manufacturer's user experience, while save space utilization and save the installation time, traditional way tag has been gradually replaced by green laser marking mode.
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