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Introduction to optical fiber laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-30
Optical fiber laser marking machine is the use of laser beam in different kinds of material surface to play on a permanent mark. Play the effect of mark is through material surface evaporation show deep material, either light energy caused by surface material and traces' carved out of a physical change or light energy to burn, by part of the material, show the etching images, text, bar code and other kinds of graphs. Optical fiber laser marking machine is a rookie in laser marking equipment, with its perfect compact appearance, good marking performance by customer preferences. Optical fiber laser marking machine is compared with the ordinary laser marking equipment, more flexible, more environmentally friendly. When using the optical fiber laser marking machine, the influence factors on the performance of what? There is laser printing machine manufacturers of electrical and mechanical below small make up a brief introduction of 1, the control method for everybody will affect their job performance. Precise application methods to make the optical fiber laser marking machine to play the best performance of marking, so operators must carry on the system training, familiar with the performance of the machine and the structure, can or to end the application of precise machine. 2, repair and maintenance. Optical fiber laser marking machine with the cover of maintenance is particularly important, especially after using the machine, to the laser marking equipment and maintenance, the cover of regular to ensure its working performance and service life. 3, fiber laser marking machine parameter Settings can affect their work performance, life. Improper operation can directly affect the marking effect, and shorten the machine life span. Optical fiber laser marking machine adopts imported laser device, high performance system, marking clearly and have permanent, not easily be wear and tear. On the other hand, if the low-end processing skills, means the streams and rivers to produce customers want products. 4, processing environment on the optical fiber laser marking machine operation has a certain impact. Customers in the use of laser marking machine work, to keep the surroundings clean, neat, and optical fiber laser marking machine clean.
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