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Introduction to spurt the code machine how to deal with special printing environment?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-18
Introduction to cij printer how to deal with special printing environment? Source: this site author: admin1 date: 2018 - 8 - 22 browsing: 0

nowadays cij printer design to the range is more and more widely, many industries can apply to it. But not all printing environment are the same, for some special printing environment how to solve? When we were in the use of spurt the code machine in general is carried out under the condition of normal temperature, the surface drying of printing products. But with the development of productivity, spurt the cij printer to deal with the environment and working conditions will be more and more, the more complex, it is no longer a single form of printing, but need to spurt the code machine in its own technology and product demand point to find the corresponding protection, to spurt the code machine identification task.

a lot of people would think that the environment where the printing is dry and normal temperature, but the reality is often and we think there's a huge difference in sex. In complex environment, therefore, it is possible that the product need to spurt the code machine code immediately after high temperature, or is the product after printing, immediately need to go into the high temperature environment. These conditions will be to spurt the code machine ink put forward higher demands in the present conditions, cij printer also qualified for the task, need in the actual use effect of the product to fit. Usually can use high adhesion, high temperature resistant ink if you need to meet special environment need to use special inks, such as acid and alkali. And at the same time of the low temperature environment, generally low temperature environment is usually product storage environment, the need for the product identification to ensure that the printing effect at the same time, low temperature resistant ink selection is very important.

there are resistant to alcohol. Need the logo of this product in alcohol after or soaking in alcohol. As a result of the ordinary ink can use alcohol to clean up, that is to say, there will be a reaction of alcohol, alcohol resistant ink more need special deployment, in this case, choose to spurt the code machine must be timely communication with manufacturer for processing, otherwise it will affect the effect of the logo.

all in all, we choose to use will happen you must according to spurt the cij printer and combined with some of the environmental conditions to communicate with the relevant manufacturers, so as not to cause the identity information of printing affected, and users will not think that is a problem of goods itself, between the need to communicate in a timely manner to the corresponding.

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