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Introduction to the dimming method of fiber laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-25

The fiber laser marking machine is mainly composed of laser, galvanometer, cooling system, computer, control software and laser power supply. The understanding of the structure of the fiber laser marking machine is convenient for better use of the fiber laser marking machine.

In the process of using the fiber laser marking machine, sometimes it is necessary to adjust and focus the optical path to better achieve the marking effect. Next, I will share with you the optical fiber. The method of dimming laser marking machine.

1. Turn off the power of the driver when making adjustments, and cancel the sleep state of the laser power supply,

2. Then check the quality of the laser beam by using a frequency doubling sheet. If the current laser reaches 14A, the laser is still relatively weak, then the four knobs on the front and rear reflector frames should be adjusted to make the diameter of the spot become the brightest and brightest. roundest.

3. The next step is to adjust the current by continuously checking the current, and then continue to adjust the four buttons to complete the adjustment process of the entire optical path.

This is a simple way to adjust the optical path of the fiber laser marking machine. It should be noted that during the adjustment process, it should be noted that the knob should not be adjusted too much. , this adjustment will be more prone to problems.

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