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Introduction to the functions and advantages of food packaging date inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-25

What are the solutions and advantages of the food packaging date inkjet printer? Today I will introduce to you:

First of all, the production date inkjet printer is mainly based on printing the production date. The inkjet printer is controlled by a single-chip microcomputer or computer, and uses non-contact inkjet marking equipment. As we all know, cij printers are widely used in various industries, and food is no exception. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the food on the market is becoming more abundant, and food safety is getting more and more attention, because it concerns people. The health of people is closely related to people's lives. No matter where you buy something, most people first look at the shelf life of food. Only when the shelf life is guaranteed can people dare to buy with confidence. In recent years, food safety issues have emerged one after another, making people pay more attention to food safety issues. Therefore, choosing a reliable inkjet printer is a factor that companies must consider, because the seemingly simple inkjet printer has become consumer verification The first line of defense for food safety. Food-grade inkjet printer, the printed content is beautiful, the adhesion is good, and it is not easy to wipe off. It can cope with the harsh transportation environment. During the refrigerated transportation, it will not affect the adhesion of the inkjet content. , To ensure that the production date of consumer products can be kept in a clear and beautiful state before reaching consumers, so that consumers can clearly know the production date when purchasing products.

In addition, the ink of the inkjet printer has passed the national environmental protection quality certification, so you can use it with peace of mind.

Finally, every inkjet printer manufacturer cannot avoid some after-sales problems. For this, we have always uphold the customer first, think about what customers think, and be anxious for the service tenet of customers. Time to respond to customer's repair problems in a timely manner. The characteristics of the Aidijie inkjet printer are: repair and maintenance are simple, and the cost is much lower than other machines. In terms of function, it is simple and convenient to operate, and can be used with various production line equipment. It is the best choice for enterprises. Let customers buy at ease, use comfortably, and at the same time achieve a win-win result for both the enterprise and the customer.

In short, the credit for food safety should be attributed to the inkjet printer, which allows people to understand and purchase products in depth. If there is no inkjet printer, food safety will be even worse. It is conceivable that with inkjet printers, I believe that people's lives will be better, and product safety issues will also be reduced a lot. As someone who was engaged in the inkjet printer industry earlier, he has rich experience in the application of food cij printers. There are so many types of food that we can’t explain in turn. The food inkjet printer solutions are now classified into the following categories:

1. Bagged food cij printer program:

Bagged food is more common, how to code on the surface of bagged food? First of all, if your plastic bag or paper bag does not contain products, and you can print no more than 20,000 bags per day, you can choose to use a printer with a professional plastic bag conveyor. Our company provides you with a solution The price is 9000 yuan-23800 yuan, depending on which inkjet printer you choose. If you print a large amount of code every day, more than 20,000 bags, then we consider to provide you with option 2, which is the form of inkjet printer + paging machine. This mode is not only efficient, but also easier for operators. It is an ideal automatic In the inkjet printer mode, the price of the program is 12,800-29,800 yuan.

2. Boxed food inkjet printer program:

How to solve boxed food inkjet printing, first of all depends on whether the box is big or not, regardless of whether it is printed before and after the box, if If the box is small, you should think of the plastic bag. The inkjet printer + conveyor can solve it. If the box is larger, the conveyor will need to be customized, and the cost is high. If the production volume is not large, it is easy to use handheld (Scheme 4), even if the box surface is covered with a film, we also have professional hand-held cij printers with special quick-drying ink cartridges, and the inkjet printer will not block the head. The price of the handheld inkjet printer is 9000 yuan.

3. Canned food coding scheme (similar to the barreled aspect, preserved jars):

If the canned food coding is sprayed on the bottom or top, use the coding directly Machine+conveyor solution 1 is enough. Some customers have longer and more complicated printing content, and need to be printed on the side. Then the rotary coding solution we designed for you (Scheme 3) can meet your arc circumference Ink code, the specific price is 15,800-25,800, select the model, we will quote for you!

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