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Introduction to the jewelry and the collision of laser marking machine let them more features

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-22

about jewelry is no stranger to anyone, this is a long, long ago there is a kind of precious items, has a certain collection value and significance. For the development of jewelry industry in China is a high-speed development trends, as well as to contribute to the development of the national economy. For girls, the existence of the ornaments are a kind of carrier of beauty, can play a certain effect of the effect that make the finishing point, and this is why in women can always find the existence of jewelry, while men slant a bit less.

due to the common jewelry on the market is mostly using gold, silver, platinum, diamond, etc is very expensive in terms of raw material processing, thus to make processing equipment and process requirement is very high, otherwise it will damage to cause the waste of raw materials. Laser technology, as one of the foreign advanced processing equipment, has a carving fine, processing speed, high efficiency, zero loss etc, accord with the standard of processing of the jewelry industry. When choosing jewelry laser marking machine advised to choose a fiber laser marking machine with both ultraviolet laser marking machine.

these two kinds of laser code equipment marking way is extremely flexible, we only need to use the drawing tools on the computer will need to be carved words, logo, design, good design, and then link equipment will require the values of the parameters set up in a few seconds of time carved out the desired effect, can meet the demand of some custom classes, creating unique jewelry for special users.

in other words, the use of jewelry laser marking machine in some necklaces, bracelets, earrings, medium carved on the special logo, graphics, characters, can not only reveal its own brand, but also can highlight the particularity of jewelry, maintain permanent tag information, to be able to record this moment beautiful forever. Today's jewelry is no longer a single display sold by merchants, more is designed according to the needs of different customers diversified products with special meanings, which meet the needs of different consumer groups. Is able to highlight personalized jewelry, and can increase the brand effect, can get of consumer love, don't you think?

all in all jewelry laser marking machine has good beam quality, in his long life, high conversion rate, fiber laser marking speed, high efficiency, stable power, high reliability, long maintenance free, zero consumables, precision carving and beautiful and clean, diversified demands of tag for consumers and businesses, provide customized demand. The advanced technology of laser marking machine and its unique advantage is currently one of the many jewelry industry choice.
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