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Is suitable for the portable handheld carton printing machine packaging industry how to use?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-16
Is suitable for the portable handheld carton printing machine packaging industry how to use? Source: this site author: admin1 date: 2019 - 3 - Browse 12 0

well known spurt the code machine has many types: small character, character, high resolution, hot foaming, thermal transfer, laser, UV, holding a spurt the code machine, such as the range of different types of printing machine can be used as well as the advantage of the product itself is not the same. In recent years, many on the outer packing carton packaging plant or food production enterprises assign code identification, chose to manually carton laser marking machine, which is portable handheld carton printing machine, so it works? What are specific application show? Below is from simple to discuss with everybody:

a spurt the code machine, what is holding a carton?

with carton printing machine is holding a spurt the code machine, or hand-held portable code printer, convenient type, has the advantages of the portable and easy to use, flexible, through hand-held mobile can be quick in carton or permeability surface spray print out clear, beautiful, the high-resolution graphics words etc. Holding a spurt the cij printer is generally composed of nozzle, the software control system, power supply, signal controller.

2, tong yi hand-held spurt the code machine nozzle and the advantage of the software system

as a member of the cij printer, nozzle is one of the core components, the quality of nozzle, directly determines the code quality and effect, and the length of service life. Now common nozzle brand on the market has two kinds of HP HP and self, HP spray nozzles can print 12. 7 mm height range of content, self nozzle can spray print 18 mm height within the scope of the content.

in this piece of software operation control system, many manufacturers will adopt autonomous independent research and development of the control system, in terms of function, can have a better development, in terms of stability, through long-term test, will be more stable, reduce the existence of the BUG. Portable handheld rolling code machine in use, life is also an important part of the performance, power supply, battery that is involved here, import lithium battery can support continuous work 8 hours. Typically, equipped with 1 - to customers Two spare batteries, convenient and in some cases, too late or forget charging security work continuity.

hand-held signal trigger system is usually done through nozzle in front of the synchronous wheel, by synchronizing wheel rotation, to give the signal, to code in a row, to note here, need relatively uniform speed when the hand-held mobile, not beyond the control of synchronizer, thus ensuring code characters.

3, handheld carton code printer

the application scope of handheld spurt the code machine commonly used in food packaging industry, and some packaging production enterprises processing chain, some cartons or pallets are assigned a code identification. 2017 of the more popular bar code, the qr code, can be by rapid spray print, handheld printer software functional models, can connect to the database or docking enterprise MES and ERP system, real time data transmission code, some other brand model can through the wireless network for data transmission.

4, the advantage of the convenient type hand-held portable code laser printing machine in many are permeable on code easy to ink absorption of the material or surface effect is better. Its clarity, with a higher resolution, customer identification easier, the font is more beautiful, if spray print bar code or qr code, directly affect the scan rate. It would be a good adhesion, it is not easy to erase, ensure that in the process of commodity circulation and the integrity of the assignment of product code identification, the late tracing anti-counterfeiting and marketing. With the passage of time, the cij printer the equipment the development of increasingly perfect, all kinds of targeted the identity of the equipment are growing in the market, with its price advantage, professional characteristics, obtained more and more customers approval.

logo adhere to provide customers with cost-effective, competitive all kinds of hardware equipment system solutions, in addition, from the aspects of software to provide full product traceability system, on the Internet of things, a yard development rapid today, catch up with the trend, to provide users with targeted are more likely to use the identity of the solution. Handheld spurt the code machine related content recommendation:

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Nowadays, the adoption of cij printer in date coding machine industry is quite common.
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