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Is suitable for the small hand-held dozen yards flat surface printing machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-16
Is suitable for the small hand-held dozen yards flat surface printing machine source: this website the author: admin date: 2020 - 3 - Browse 12 0

with the present social development, item code required. Code for industry equipment is more and more comprehensive, the end of 2019, we launched wei in Czech mini handheld spurt the cij printer and cabinet is convenient, the applicable scope is widely favored by small and medium-sized enterprise customer's favor.

wedding in accordance with the mini handheld spurt the code machine can be put into the pocket of the spurt the code machine, wireless phone APP operation, using a simple easy to operate, the mini handheld spurt the code machine allows you to easily play yards.

wedding according to porsche mini handheld spurt the code machine is suitable for the small hand-held dozen yards flat surface printing machine, the public has occupied a place in the laser marking machine. Easily complete the concave curved surface code, is regular handheld laser laser marking machine upgrade. Optional ink white ink, black ink, blue ink, red ink.

small portable handheld spurt the code machine has so many advantages:

1, small volume, light weight, convenient use and mobile. 2, in use process can move forward, up, down 360 degrees logo printing. 3, save material. With the same amount of ink can spray print more characters. 4, the product after charging battery life is strong, can use continuously over ten hours, can be used in places where no power supply. 5, add ink method is simple, the nozzle to prevent blocking design, can ensure the machine long trouble-free use. Don't cleaner, nozzle free maintenance, ink variety can meet the demand of different products material and surface. 6, the software USES Chinese interface, fool operation, easy to fit in to spray a variety of fonts, print, bar code, the qr code, the built-in bitmap fonts, print a variety of fonts are optional. 7, all kinds of products all can spray print, spray printing synchronously.

company specialized sales cij printer, laser marking machine, high resolution cij printer, hand-held spurt the code machine, laser marking machine supplies and supporting. With more than 10 years of industry experience and perfect after-sale pre-sale service, for food, building materials, daily chemical, medicine, automobile, mobile phones, electronics, hardware and other industries to provide the professional system identification solution. Company continuously solved in the process of the development of their own shortcomings, from the professional technology, customer service, business model, the technical team, the enterprise culture on constant innovation and development, by a lot of new old customer high praise and favor.

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