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Is the automatic outer packaging box carton inkjet printer easy to use? What are the characteristics?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-03

The rapid development of technology and the rapid development of equipment technology provide more efficient operation and reduce labor costs. Let's take the carton industry as an example. At present, the operations of carton sealing and other operations are basically carried out by cij printers, and the stable operation effect can be seen. Nowadays, automatic outer packaging box carton cij printers have become typical representatives. The comprehensive application in the industry has achieved obvious results and meets the actual coding requirements. So, is such a coding equipment good? What are the characteristics?

Automatic outer packaging box carton inkjet printers are still widely used in the industry. With their advantages, they are favored and loved by many processing people. This fully-automatic inkjet printer has obvious advantages in packaging identification and variable code printing. It can help inkjet various common QR code information, multi-line graphics, digital characters, etc., and all the logo content can also be passed The program is custom-arranged and supports large-format switching printing. Judging from the current inkjet printing, the overall speed is still very good. It can achieve stable and efficient inkjet printing and support high-resolution inkjet printing, which is very suitable for use in various printing factories.

In fact, everyone now knows that the requirements for product tracking and brand recognition are getting higher and higher, and such clear code printing is also required on the packaging box and carton, so as to achieve effective To track and identify. It has to be said that the overall function of this inkjet printer is quite obvious, it can provide a pretty good quality inkjet printing, anti-counterfeiting traceability is also relatively easy and simple, you can understand the basic situation of the product at any time.

The automatic outer packaging box carton cij printer uses non-contact inkjet coding. The character size and content can be adjusted according to your needs, and it is more suitable in various industries. Moreover, the maintenance cost of this equipment itself is not high, which is deeply loved by customers.

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