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Is the cheap inkjet printer really easy to use?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-02-22
In the era of increasingly transparent networked markets, a laser laser marking machine can no longer be sold at a high price as it was ten years ago. At that time, the profit of the machine is a very important part. The overall supply of marking equipment is small and it is Monopolized by imported brands. We can find in the market that many industries such as cosmetics, cable manufacturers, and food and beverage factories have no more choices. Only choose expensive machines, expensive consumables, and expensive maintenance. 'How much is an inkjet printer?' In 2019, after years of development in the inkjet marking industry, more brands are known, competition is becoming fierce, and high profits no longer exist, and they exist and develop well. All of them are full-automatic inkjet printers that focus on equipment quality, low use cost, low maintenance cost, simple, reliable and durable. Different industries have different positioning of cheap inkjet printers. In the pipe industry, such as PPR\PVC\PE\aluminum plastic and other different types of pipe manufacturers, the inkjet printers required do not need to have too many high-tech functions, even The electric eye sensor is not necessarily used, and the printing content is also very simple, just one line of Chinese characters, English, and LOGO patterns. The most basic models of any brand can complete the job. About 20,000 yuan is the most preferred and recognized price range in the pipe industry. The pipe industry not only needs cheaper machines, but also consumables and usage costs. As a 24-hour production operation factory environment, it also needs stability. Outstanding, long-term uninterrupted operation and trouble-free operation can ensure the integrity of product coding and achieve high productivity. About 30,000 yuan is the price range of machines commonly used in the cosmetics industry. The production date and expiration date are printed on the packaging box. The content range is within 3 lines. The dot matrix requires an inkjet printer with more than 24 points, and a sensor is required. Triggered, each box will be printed at the same position. Definition and output are very important to be guaranteed. In addition, the quality of consumables, inks and solvents for inkjet printers, must meet ROSH standards, and have strict MSDS standards for transportation, in order to meet the national standards in the environmental protection sector, and achieve low energy consumption. Low pollution, to ensure product safety. About 50,000 yuan is the price range with the most choices for white ink inkjet printers in the cable industry. This price range is imported brand small character automatic inkjet printers, and its advanced technology ensures the feasibility of high-speed printing. At the same time, the stability and reliability of 24-hour high-speed operation are ensured. Imported brands such as Videojet, Domino, IMAX, and EC-JET adopt imported configurations on spare parts. The software has been independently developed and is more suitable for Chinese people. Use habits, operation and learning more convenient. Whether the price of different types of inkjet printers is cheap has different definitions. Common types of inkjet printers include small-character inkjet printers, laser inkjet printers, large-character inkjet printers, high-resolution inkjet printers, handheld inkjet printers, barcode and two-dimensional code inkjet printers. In the sign market, the price fluctuations are very large, ranging from several thousand to ten thousand to tens of thousands to several hundred thousand, which will give new customers who have not been exposed to coding and marking equipment a very bad feeling. Chaos. Each different type of inkjet printer is strictly a different industry. For example, the price of small-character inkjet printers is actually not very large. 20,000 to 30,000 is its general price, which is divided into two types: domestic and imported. The biggest difference is not the origin and model of the parts, but more The difference in software, the difference in operation, and the difference in software functions. For example, EasyCode EC-JET series small character inkjet printers can print QR codes, barcodes, garbled codes, or connect to a computer for use. The KINGLEE JET small character inkjet laser laser marking machine cannot print barcodes, and it is not as powerful as EC-JET in terms of computer connection. This is the difference. This difference is worth 10,000 yuan. There is no big difference in the price of laser printers. The main reason is to see the specifications and models, such as CO2 10 watt laser printers. The price is between 50,000 and 70,000. This difference excludes the difference in hardware, mainly software The difference between software and software will cause a series of reflections. For example, they use cutting-edge laser tubes from the United States and CTI galvanometers from Germany. The software will be a bridge connecting these two hardware. The quality of this bridge affects all aspects of use, such as speed, effect, and so on. Whether a cheap inkjet printer is easy to use is mainly determined according to user needs. It is found through inspection and test whether it is suitable. A good machine will be better used in a high-demand and high-standard working environment. Inexpensive machines are also a more cost-effective and reasonable choice for product coding in common requirements and common environments. u003c/pu003e
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