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Is the laser marking machine business reliable? How to choose equipment?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-22

Laser marking machine is a precision equipment with high technical content and strong professionalism. With the expansion of the application range of laser marking machine, all kinds of talents are pouring into this industry, and many young people want to use laser marking machine. Start a business with a standard machine, but don't know if it is reliable? Let’s start with some industry background and data.

According to the '2020 China Laser Equipment Industry Market Research Report' released by the relevant industry research center, my country's laser equipment industry started late, but it has grown rapidly and entered the 21st century. , my country's new materials and high-tech industries are booming, manufacturing technology continues to progress, and the application demand for laser equipment continues to rise. From 2010 to 2018, the average annual compound growth rate of my country's laser equipment market scale reached 26.6%. In 2018, the output of my country's laser equipment industry exceeded 20,000 units, the sales revenue exceeded 60 billion yuan, and continued to maintain a growth rate of more than 20%. The industry has a strong momentum of development.

my country's laser equipment industry chain is relatively complete. The upstream is mainly materials, components, lasers and other industries, the midstream is the laser equipment industry, and the downstream mainly includes machinery manufacturing, high-end material processing, Consumer electronics, semiconductor processing, automotive, medical beauty and other industries. Laser equipment industry clusters have also gradually formed, mainly including four clusters in the Bohai Rim, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and Central China. Driven by market demand, my country's laser equipment industry system is becoming more and more perfect, and its development is becoming more and more mature.

Through the above information, we understand that this industry has mature technology and a complete industrial chain. If there is no problem with the technology and quality of entrepreneurial equipment, how should we choose equipment?

Generally, the laser marking machine business is based on the laser engraving mode of night market stalls. The volume of night market stall equipment must not be too large, too large and too heavy. Easy to carry, you can choose to produce a small portable laser marking machine. This laser marking machine is small in size and light in weight. It can be easily carried whether it is an electric car or a family car. The product is equipped with a sharp laser, which has uniform light output and good beam. , the marked logo or picture is clear, and the picture can be customized to meet the needs of private customization.

Recommended Equipment: Portable Laser Marking Machine

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