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Is there free laser coding printer sample provided?
If the product page of coding printer is marked with "Free Sample", then a free sample is available. In general, free samples are available for regular products of LEAD TECH Technology Co., Ltd.. However, if the customer has certain requirements, such as product size, material, color or logo, we will charge a fee. We sincerely hope that you understand that we want to charge the sample cost and will deduct it once the order is confirmed.

With a large-scale factory base, LEAD TECH has a large capacity for producing cij printer. cij printer series manufactured by LEAD TECH include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. This product is able to achieve maximum light output in a matter of seconds. being arranged in an orderly manner, its bulb can work simultaneously and provide full brightness in one second. It can deliver crisp colored graphs, charts, and other graphics. Referring to laser printing machine, high quality is the most suitable word for it. With comprehensive dust-proof protection, it is suitable for all kinds of workshop environments.

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