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It is imperative to defend the price of inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-10

There are many factors that affect the price change of inkjet printers

Whether the price of a inkjet printer is reasonable depends on the material selection, product positioning, product function configuration, etc. of the cij printer manufacturer. The second is to look at market feedback and user word-of-mouth. In 2018, with the diversification of product identification and the rise of QR code traceability marketing, the UV inkjet printer market has become very hot, and it has become a lot of friends and colleagues. A point that manufacturers are very concerned about. Today, I will talk with you about the price of inkjet printers.

Respect the price of inkjet printers rationally, and do not need to be in a hurry because of different prices. What KINGLEE inkjet printer manufacturers have to do is to bring customers more product information, more transparent equipment functions, and configuration When purchasing, let customers know more clearly how to choose different brands and models of marking equipment for different personal needs; what customers need to do is to inspect the printer manufacturer in many aspects, whether the product is consistent with the content in the advertisement, and whether there is false information. , the better choice is to go to the printer manufacturer to test, it is more appropriate to inspect the performance and effect of the test equipment on the spot.

For inkjet printers, a price war is imperative. Regarding the 'defense war' of inkjet printer prices, many marking equipment suppliers will say that it is too early. During the propaganda war, the inkjet printer still has a large lead in the country. The lag of this kind of thinking will lead to the lack of an opportunity in the development of inkjet marking equipment in the future. And will be surpassed by competitors. In this case, if you want to do a good job in cij printer sales, you must understand the cij printer, understand the structure, principle and what it can bring to users.

Among them, the most important thing is the price factor of the inkjet printer that we must know. As a device, whether it is domestic or imported, we must first judge the value from its efficacy. Brand value lies in the fact that it can print clear and beautiful production date, shelf life, validity period, company brand name, etc. for various products produced by manufacturers, and information content that is helpful for users to understand the product.

The more important factors that affect the price are generally divided into three points:

1. Product quality. Including the value of various accessories (such as pumps, solenoid valves, nozzles, nozzles), whether the life of the accessories and the use method are perfect, and whether the functional configuration is rich, such as whether there is a variable two-dimensional code printing function, data communication function, etc.

Second, the brand of the inkjet printer. Brand power is an intangible asset. A well-known device is overall ahead of similar products, and its value may be greater in the later stage. At the same time, a well-known brand is also a guarantee for customers to use it. With the support of many customers, the company will develop better, technology upgrades and product innovations will be faster, and it has the ability to improve product quality through continuous innovation and ensure printing quality.

Three, after-sales service. Whether it is a printer manufacturer, an agent or a businessman, after-sales maintenance service outlets are very important and directly affect work efficiency. The establishment of service outlets and the guarantee of after-sales time are both responsibilities and obligations for the marking equipment supplier, reflecting the attitude of solving problems for users.

'Be prepared for danger in times of peace' is a well-known ancient adage in China. To achieve this, we need to start from the details and think about the problem from the user's point of view, improve the user's understanding of our inkjet printers, meet various needs and Experience, the development prospect of the inkjet marking industry is very clear. Under the competitive pressure of laser inkjet printers, better transparency of inkjet printer prices has become a trend.

In the price range of cij printers, it is generally divided into 10,000 to 20,000, 20,000 to 30,000, 30,000 to 50,000, and 50,000 to 70,000. Divided into different models, brands, features, functions and so on. For users, a better device must first have two characteristics: one is that the quality of the device itself must be excellent.

In the future, with the transparency and openness of the market environment, it is the only way to gain user recognition with hard power! Doing a good job in the price defense of inkjet printers will also bring real benefits to our users. After all, the logos of many commodities cannot be replaced by other equipment.

In the future development, we will truly achieve 'user-centeredReduce prices in all aspects, play an exemplary role in the development of China's inkjet industry, and obtain closer benefits for users.

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