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Just walk there must be a trace, 2020 was a memorable time -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-20
Days before a lot of people complain too full too tired, the beginning of August 2020, let everything is different now. Open mountain fires in Australia last five month of the year, let us know of natural and man-made disasters not to talk; Bryant's sudden death, let us know again great idol is just body every child; The epidemic broke out in the world, let us know the potential of a country is not lip service, everyone can body to the heart. 。 。 。 。 。 Our life was forced to click on the pause button, let everybody have more time to communicate with myself. No matter how deep characters or events, once with the passage of time, will be forgotten. Need of so many things, and only 365 days, days, so a lot of people in the memorial will choose to use an item to commemorate the past, such as a memory of custom T-shirt. I think we should commemorate China & other Throughout the three true fire &; , a afraid we beaten, a afraid we hungry, a afraid we ill! This commemorative T-shirt is not only an own memorial, and one day to wear out to remind ourselves that shock, don't forget the past, the spirit, also tell the posterity, a powerful China is built against the giant tower body every child! Want to customize a of T-shirt, because won't be long buy yellow taken apart? Textile laser printing machine is very suitable for, the use of imported textile ink, custom design look gorgeous, washing wear-resisting, you deserve the sideline good helper!
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