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Know before buying handheld spurt the code machine's working principle and use is necessary

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-17
Know before buying handheld spurt the code machine principle of work and it is necessary to use the source: this website the author: admin1 date: 2019 - 1 - Browse 7 0

the development of handheld spurt the code machine is also very fast in recent years, recognized by many industries, and portable small hand-held spurt the code machine not only light weight, easy to carry and use range is widen. Years of technological innovation, make handsets using range is wide, can be online on steel plate, metal and armed with two ways of printing, reduce the cost and improve the range of application, to provide customers with more choices.

businesses before buying handheld spurt the code machine is not able to buy, should know how it is used and what advantage it works. Will bring you in this share common use handheld spurt the cij printer working principle and the note, let the customer according to their own needs better analyze which one is suitable for its own products, suitable for their own production factory assembly line.

actually holding a cij printer working principle and high resolution similar to spurt the code machine, has the printing font clearer, more than 200 dpi resolution, nozzle technology are hot bubble inkjet technology, nozzle USES the semiconductor thin film technology, at the same time with laser process and high precision coating technology, spray forming more than 50 microns in diameter hole. These nozzles are arranged for high-density, after I receive my heat signal, in a very short moment using current heated to a temperature of about 260 ° C, the ink local expansion of heated bubble will ink jet ink, the formation of character.

a handheld machine don't need to cij printer and small characters need solvent, only need to ink cartridges, ink cartridges, ink has a lot of kinds, generally including the slow dry type, quick drying type two kinds, suitable for different products, slow dry ink is mainly used in paper products, or permeability good plastic products; Quick dry ink is mainly used in metal products. Brand models of handsets to choose are mostly HP HP ink cartridge, use different ink for machine also has some different requirements.

slow dry ink is more stable and reliable, and don't need to clean shower nozzle, shower nozzle placed for a long time to also won't appear congestion, more convenient for the user. Quick dry ink needs regular maintenance and maintenance, through simple ink road cleaning also can guarantee the stability of the normal use for a long time, operation quantity is not large, generally can accept for the customer.

normal work, what are the precautions for the use of hand-held spurt the code machine? Know your handheld spurt the code machine types and materials purchased, clear the content of the products need to spurt the code number of lines and height size. Character height: can spray print 1 mm ~ 18 mm high; Spray publishing: single or multiple lines; Spray print fonts: built-in four font; Spray print graphics: can spray all sorts of trademark design, graphic transmission is not affected by width ratio and the length of any restrictions; Character: national standard level of Chinese character (2 A total of more than 6000) ; Pinyin input method. Spray printing unit: single nozzle, the nozzle can be mounted to the system; Spray print different colors; Spray print direction: nozzle can rotate 180 °.

the use of hand-held spurt the code machine greatly improve the efficiency of the work and the printing, at the same time, software updates, let us more functional, qr code, bar code, on-line transmission equipments of variable data are available, communication protocol to be more perfect, in terms of online, they have more advantages. In many cases, the customer's product is carton or carton, through on-line printing to save the cost of buying small characters jet. the, additional spray print fonts can choose print or bitmap fonts, as well as beautiful.

in addition, everyone knows handsets is don't need solvent, its work only need to consume the ink, ink even quick dry ink, the drying time was more than 1 second, it works make scope of small a few, in terms of price, holding a chance more cheaper, high speed production line is not suitable for handsets, such as beverage filling line, cable production line. Its reaction rate and the drying speed limit, let it not any use is also one of its shortcomings.

in the lawsuit is about holding a spurt the code machine, the working principle, use and its advantages, merchants can according to demand to know before buying, holding a cij printer is there are many kinds of types. Consult our online customer service or call at: 135 7039 2881 cao total related consultation.
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