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Knowledge to solve the problem of ink accumulation in inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-05
The problem of ink accumulation often occurs during the use of the inkjet printer. If the ink accumulation problem is not handled and solved in time, as the inkjet printer is used, the clogged ink in the recovery tank will not return to the ink path. Circulation, the characters sprayed out will become flowers or even missing, so in the daily maintenance of the inkjet printer, we must pay attention to the smoothness of the recovery tank and the cleanness of the machine parts. There are many reasons that cause ink accumulation in the cij printer. Let's take a look at which aspects should be considered when the inkjet printer accumulates. First of all, when ink accumulation occurs, you need to check whether the breakpoint of the inkjet printer is normal. The correct setting of the breakpoint is the key to ensure that the inkjet printer does not accumulate ink and is used normally. Secondly, you need to check the charging value. When the charging value of the printer is too large, it will also affect the performance of the printer. The specific performance is that ink will accumulate, and if the charging value is too large, a lot of ink will be printed. Ignored by the printer operator, here, I remind you that the ink accumulating ink of the printer must be considered for the charging value. Thirdly, the viscosity value, too high or too low viscosity value will affect the deflection of the ink dot of the inkjet printer, which will cause problems with the deflection of the ink line and cause the phenomenon of ink accumulation. Finally, I would like to remind you that the cause of ink accumulation may also be the printing speed and the number of printing lines. Based on the past experience of engineers, when setting various technical parameters of the inkjet printer, in addition to ensuring the speed of the production line, it is also necessary to integrate Measure the stability of the cij printer, only to meet the overall stability of the inkjet printer, the failure rate of the cij printer can be minimized, so as to ensure the efficiency and service life of the inkjet printer.
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