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Lamp coding application: time has passed so long, it is still as clear as just printing

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-20
Case background A large European manufacturer of 'fragment retention safety lightsThis kind of lamp is especially suitable for environments with relatively strict safety and hygiene standards, such as public places and food storage places. In order to ensure the efficient traceability and easy identification of the lamp, the factory requires the LOGO and information to be printed directly on the lamp and to ensure that it is still clearly visible after long-term use. Another very important requirement is that the cij printer can change different inkjet information at any time to meet the requirements of different customers. The cost of an cij printer used in the factory was increased due to repeated unexpected shutdowns. The key point is that the inks of this brand cannot meet the printing requirements of this factory. Therefore, the factory is looking for other brands to meet its requirements and stable cij printers to replace, in order to improve the quality of inkjet coding and reduce unexpected costs. Among the test machines of many well-known brands, one of them is Leadtech. The final result of UV-curable inks was that the factory chose Leadtech cij printers and Leadtech's black UV-curable inks. Black UV curable ink is a specially designed ink that uses a curing device to make the ink adhere to the surface of the lamp tube. Traditional industrial ink drying is sprayed onto the surface of the object by a printer, and a layer of ink film is solidified on the surface of the object after the solvent evaporates. Ultraviolet curing ink (UV ink) is different. After the ink is sprayed on the surface of the object, it is still in a liquid state. After strong ultraviolet radiation, about one second, the ink components react and complete the drying to form an ink film that is cured on the surface of the object. It will have better wear resistance than traditional inks, and is suitable for materials that require wear resistance such as electronics, automobiles, and aviation. After using for a period of time, the production director of the factory said very surely, 'Our customers have responded that the longer the LOGO printed by traditional inks is used under the condition of being so close to the light source, the more serious the fading will be, while Leadtech’s The UV-curable ink is still as clear as the one just printed.” Leadtech cij printer's diverse coding solutions and professional after-sales service level also allow the factory to keep a good image. In particular, the customizable Logo editor of the printer can ensure fast and intuitive switching, enabling the factory to quickly establish batch LOGO and logo formats to meet the needs of different customers in a short time. Applicable model 0059007900 proofing drawing For more information, please call: 4006 702 216021-3279600
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