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Laser aluminum play black, how much do you know?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-03
With the development of aluminum industry, everyone is becoming more and more high to the requirement of aluminum products, whether you want their products on the anti-counterfeiting ability beyond imitation? Whether you want to upgrade the product and brand, increase the added value of products? Laser marking machine aluminum speed is quick and efficient, playing out the patterns of the effect of fine and beautiful, so popular. In a laser aluminum applications, the most widely and effective or laser's technology. Principle of laser marking laser aluminum's technology is the use of high energy density of laser artifacts, make the surface material vaporization or change the color of chemical reaction, leave a permanent mark a processing method. And laser marking machine's technology for anodic alumina, due to the effect of nanometer, laser processing after the oxide particle size of nanoscale, such a material suction light performance increase, so as to make the visible light exposure to the substance to be absorbed, reflected in the very little visible light, so the naked eye is black. Aluminum's application to play black is suitable for the aluminum oxide, magnesium, aluminum and aluminum alloy material, its application is extensive. The most common tablet, mobile phone back cover aluminum black for the logo and words, and a variety of mobile phone accessories, watches and clocks, aluminum stamping, die, accessories products such as trademark, logo, the batch number of playing black, etc. Laser processing advantages 1, permanent: play the black effect by touch, high and low temperature, acid, alkaline environment relations and fade. 2, anti-counterfeiting: a laser black belong to the physical processing, the tag information cannot be altered, with strong security. 3, the cost is low, the laser's a molding, without auxiliary materials and a large number of manpower, consumption is small. Aluminum's characteristics of laser marking machine function and adopt imported isolator optical fiber laser protection window, enhance stability and laser life; Good beam quality, high lightning conversion rate, processing speed, is 5 ~ 10 times the traditional laser marking machine; No consumables, do not need any maintenance, long service life, small size, suitable for bad environment; High reliability, free maintenance, do not need water chiller, air cooled completely, easy to operate; The operation is simple, with human operating software; Optical quality, high precision, suitable for fine operation, applicable to all metals and some nonmetal.
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