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Laser coding machine laser engraving machine customized bamboo and wood products personality color

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-07

All things grow, and there is no difference in nature. Everyone has the heart of loving wood. The ancient trees are reborn, and the flowers are blooming. Log creative small things are unique in the secular world, and taste the elegant life of today in the traditional and modern fireworks. Aesthetic life does not refer to fashion; ancient trees grow flowers, not only space.

Modern people combine advanced laser technology with traditional classical aesthetics. While giving new life to bamboo and wood, it retains its ancient charm and customizes the individual colors of bamboo and wood handicrafts. Deduce the Zen philosophy of plain Sanskrit.

Magical power

Laser engraving process

Bamboo tube

With the heart of loving wood, appreciate the beauty of bamboo tube.

Bamboo tubes evolved from musical instruments and are now made into various handicrafts, including pen holders, desk calendars, water cups, tea boxes, etc. Using lasers to engrave beautiful pictures on the surface of the bamboo tube, it has become a popular handicraft in the market.

Bamboo Slips

Poetic and distant, don't have to search hard, and feel free in the bamboo slips.

Bamboo slips are bamboo pieces used to write and record events in ancient times, and are the earliest form of books in ancient my country. Nowadays, bamboo slips are engraved with various poems and paintings by laser, and made into literary and artistic ornaments that everyone likes.

Bamboo Fans

When the wind blows, they are shattered, and they are cut into fans and become beautiful.

The bamboo is split into flat and narrow pieces, and the traditional patterns such as swastika, chrysanthemum, pine and cypress evergreen, blessings and longevity are carved with laser, or hollowed out graphics, giving the bamboo fan poetic and picturesque.


Xiang Bamboo leaves from the desire to make a pile, and the bookmark inkstone box is self-accompanying.

Bookmarks are small pieces that are clipped into a book to record reading progress. Exquisite laser engraving skills engrave classic text patterns into bamboo and wood, accompany readers to comprehend the philosophy of life in the book.

Laser engraving

Using the laser engraving machine to process bamboo and wood products, you can draw freely through the software, with high processing accuracy, fast speed, and smooth incision without burrs. With professional software, high-speed engraving, engraving and cutting can be realized, and it has been widely recognized by the bamboo and wood craft gift market for its excellent cutting and engraving effect and good working performance.

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