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Laser Coding Printer Jewelry Exquisite Jewelry

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-30

There are many devices that can mark patterns on jewelry. But why do many processing manufacturers choose to use laser marking machines? One of the main reasons is the high precision and finer graphics and text of laser marking. Nowadays, many people like to engrave some personalized text or other exquisite patterns on delicate trinkets. These can all be easily done by a laser marking machine in a way that the laser engraving will not damage the product. And the laser marking machine can meet the needs of long-term marking, high precision, anti-counterfeiting and texture.

Laser marking fine jewelry

The marking speed of the laser marking machine is very fast. It takes a few seconds to ten seconds, which can greatly save work time and improve actual work efficiency. During the entire marking process, there is no direct contact with the product, no mechanical friction, and no damage to the surface of the jewelry. In addition, the laser spot is small and the effect of the heat generated is also small, so the marks produced by the laser marking machine are very beautiful and will not damage the jewelry.

Laser marking fine jewelry

Traditional jewelry processing is mainly handmade. With the increase of jewelry types, especially the increasing popularity of metal jewelry, traditional processing methods can no longer adapt to the development of the jewelry industry, and the application of laser marking technology has emerged.

Whether it is personal accessories such as bracelets, watches, necklaces, keychains, rings, etc., or household accessories such as metal crafts, lamps, decorative iron art, the emergence of this laser processing technology All reduce the drawbacks and defective rates of traditional marking machines. Refined and stable. According to the different needs of customers, it can be customized to meet a wider range of customer needs.

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