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Laser engraving machine for the human body have how old harm?

by:LEAD TECH      2020-06-28
Actually this kind of worry is unnecessary. Laser engraving machine itself is not harmful to human body, but it depends on what he is processing, if processing under the light and heat of the laser will produce harmful substances, is harmful to the body's natural. Because in a laser engraving machine work may be due to different materials have smoke or dust particles, they are often dust or smoke harmful to human body. Long time breathing this air is bad to the body. Another kind is the noise of laser engraving machine, laser carving machine volume is larger in the past, are generally used YAG laser engraving machine. The noise of laser engraving machine itself is not big, noise is the main form a complete set of water cooling machine with his voice. Three or four laser carving machine has three or four water cooling machine, the power of a water cooling machine generally in 1. About 5 p. Noise is imaginable. Semiconductor laser engraving machine is small in size, beautiful shape. Heat is small, so small water tanks, low voice at work. There is no noise. The semiconductor pump laser engraving machine and optical fiber laser engraving machine is using air cooling, let alone a noise. So you don't have to worry about the chance of a laser engraving machine cause harm to human body, just need to improve working conditions for laser engraving machine, completes the exhaust vacuum unit, and wear protection glasses such a laser engraving machine will not cause any harm to you.
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