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Laser engraving on the outer packaging of moon cake gift boxes, etc. Exquisite patterns provoke your appetite

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-05

'I miss my relatives every festive season' is the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, where moon cakes are eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the gift boxes of moon cakes given to each other by relatives and friends are a symbol of friendship. As the festival approaches, major shopping malls and supermarkets have set up special counters for moon cake gift boxes.

The exquisite gift box packaging has improved the quality of moon cakes a lot, and moon cake manufacturers are paying more and more attention to packaging. What about printing high-end and exquisite patterns? The laser marking machine can meet the printing of complex patterns of moon cake gift boxes.

The laser marking machine edits the pattern imprinted by the target through the software, sets the pattern size, depth and other parameters, through the galvanometer and The laser is combined with the control to ablate the exquisite patterns on the outer packaging of the moon cake.

The laser marking machine is controlled by the computer to edit the pattern, and it is very convenient to modify and edit. It can design a variety of styles according to different series of products, and the laser marking machine is operated. It is also easy to use. Generally, novices can master the marking method in two or three hours, which fully meets the needs of the market.

Finally, the types of laser marking machines used for gift boxes of different materials are also different. For example, if it is a metal moon cake gift box, it is recommended to purchase fiber-optic laser marking. If it is a paper or wood type gift box packaging, you can buy a CO2 laser marking machine, the price is similar.

We have been producing and designing laser marking machines for many years, and can design different types of laser marking machines such as flying, desktop, and assembly lines according to customer needs, and can send samples in advance to mark the samples ,Welcome to consult.

Recommended model: fiber laser marking machine

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