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Laser equipment industry's future development?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-19
Laser equipment mainly include: laser surface processing code, laser welding, laser cutting, etc. Laser machining is an advanced technology, laser code gradually replace ink printing, laser welding is gradually replacing argon fluoride welding and so on. Laser equipment industry for the future development is quite good, now is the rapid development period. Laser equipment is widely used in industrial production and processing, medical industry, the aerospace industry. There are many kinds of laser equipment, our company production of laser equipment mainly include: fiber laser marking machine, used for metal and plastic products, laser engraving marking code above; My company production of carbon dioxide laser marking machine, mainly used in non-metal laser marking, main material is wood, acrylic, leather, etc. ; Our company produces the ultraviolet laser marking machine, mainly used in high-end electronic products, such as acrylic material. Laser equipment industry's future development will be quite well, although now receive the outbreak, the influence of the global economic downturn, but the difficult times over the past two years, believe that the industry will gradually improve, and laser equipment will get more extensive application in the field of more and more.
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