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Laser equipment manufacturers teach you how to choose the right laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-21
The laser equipment manufacturer teaches you how to choose the right laser marking machine. Hello, everyone, I am the editor. Today I will introduce you to laser equipment manufacturers. The following content is organized by the editor, and the relevant content is for reference. In recent years, the number of laser marking machine manufacturers has doubled several times compared with 2010, and the price of laser marking machines is also full of competition. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a suitable laser marking machine. The number has increased dramatically. The competitiveness of products has increased, so when you are consulting a laser device, the price is a bit messy, you don’t know which one is right for you, and you are confused by the chaos in front of you, but I will provide it to you today A set of suitable solutions for selecting laser marking machines, no matter what kind of problems you encounter, you can easily solve them, and you can buy the laser marking machine you need. The components of a laser marking machine: cabinet, laser, galvanometer, field lens, control card, power supply, control computer, other small accessories and wires, the above are the basic components of a laser marking machine, as long as you understand it The basic component of the laser marking machine can be better to buy a laser marking machine. The core component is the laser (domestic products include Raycus, Jept, Chuangxin, Lianpin, etc.). If the company has strong economic strength, it can purchase imported lasers. The price of a foreign laser is higher than that of the whole domestic equipment. Price (refer to the top three laser configurations in China). There are also many galvanometer manufacturers. Generally, galvanometers with more than medium configuration can meet normal marking. If the marking effect is very high, or the accuracy is relatively high Companies in China must choose a good galvanometer. The price ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand (domestic galvanometer), and it is more expensive to choose an imported one. At present, the domestically-made galvanometer technology is also very mature and can meet the needs of the market. If there is no special technical requirement, it will not cost the money, and the domestically-made configuration is also very fragrant. The field lens is also very different, but its cost is not too high, and it has little effect on the price of the equipment during the whole process. The mainstream control card on the market is the golden orange card, which is stable and convenient to operate. There is nothing special. The standard laser marking machine is equipped with this kind of simple card to meet the technical requirements (the simple card is a control card with a single function and cannot start other programs), and the rest is the computer host, so I won’t elaborate on this. , Because only a stable industrial computer host is enough, because the computer configured on the laser marking machine is used to control the marking machine, and the configuration of high and low points can drive the entire equipment. Unless there is a large file import, it is necessary More memory. So don’t panic when the quotations you see on the market are confusing, analyze clearly what are the main configurations of the quotations he gives you, so that you also know in which range the price of a device is. After understanding the laser marking machine, you need to combine your own products. If you need to make a sample, make a sample, because some product materials and certain configurations of lasers have some differences in the effect of laser marking, and different models of laser marking machines have great effects. Differences, such as: UV laser marking machine, carbon dioxide laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine. They are laser marking equipment with different light sources. If the effect has been confirmed, the model can be determined without any specific problems. If you need proofing, you can also go to the site to learn about the working mode of the entire laser marking machine and the company size, etc., so that you can choose with peace of mind. In recent years, with the increasing number of laser manufacturers, the technology of laser marking machine is also very mature. A fiber laser marking machine can theoretically work for 100,000 hours, and the laser will have attenuation without the laser, but the normal attenuation within 3-5 years Will not affect the normal operation of the laser marking machine. If you want to buy a fiber laser marking machine, choose it if the configuration is medium and the price is reasonable, it will not be too bad. If you want to know more about the industry information of laser equipment manufacturers, please log in to our official website and we will bring you more practical tips.
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