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Laser inkjet printer maintenance details

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-02

Laser cij printers also need maintenance. Unlike traditional cij printers, laser inkjet printers are easier and simpler to maintain. They can complete the inspection of various indicators in a regular and more standardized manner to ensure that the laser cij printers are to ensure the normal operation of the product identification task.

Laser reminds you: a laser inkjet printer costs tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, so you must pay attention during operation, and usually pay attention to maintenance and maintenance to increase the service life of the equipment and save money cost and create greater benefits. Care and maintenance are already very minimal for laser printers.

Compared to the cij printer, we can think that this is a zero-cost maintenance method, and the daily operation will be more important at this time. At the same time, in order to ensure the good performance of our laser inkjet printer In order to ensure the normal and orderly operation of the laser machine, we hope that customers will strictly implement the operation according to our operation guide or the on-site training of engineers.

The marking equipment such as laser inkjet printer will have radiation, which is harmful to the human body. Laser teaches you how to reduce the harm of laser radiation to the body. Through some institutional design or reasonable improvement of the machine itself , to avoid possible hazards.

Pay attention to the laser printing machine and formulate a maintenance plan

I. Daily protective measures for the laser printer.

Almost no maintenance and follow-up consumables are required. The protective equipment of the laser inkjet printer is typically laser protective goggles, because the protective goggles to prevent laser damage to the human eye can be divided into reflective type according to their protection principle. , absorption and other different forms to achieve the effect of protecting human eyes.

The laser (laser tube) of the laser inkjet printer has a certain service life. Taking the fiber 20 watt laser inkjet printer as an example, the IPG laser can be used for 45,000 hours, and the IPG laser can be used for 45,000 hours. It can ensure the normal occurrence of the core light source of the machine and provide energy for marking.

The other type is the CO2 carbon dioxide laser inkjet printer, which is often used by cutting-edge American laser tubes with a service life of 100,000 hours. Generally, it is calculated based on 8 hours of work per day. 10 years without a problem at all.

After using it in the later stage, we will find that the marking effect becomes weaker and less clear than before, or when the marking depicts the same line speed, when it becomes lighter or lighter, we need us Pay attention to whether the CO2 gas in the laser tube is insufficient, resulting in insufficient energy and reduced power of the laser generator.

In the process of daily use, we will involve various parameters inside the laser machine, such as scribing speed, laser power setting, etc. We try our best to ensure that the daily marking effect can be met. , reduce the power, can effectively prolong the service life of the laser tube.

In addition, according to the different environments of the laser machines, we must have certain environmental guarantees for the laser machines in different factory workshops, such as temperature and humidity within a certain range, if the dust is too large , but also to clean the machine regularly to ensure the normal operation of the cooling system.

In some humid environments, we should also pay attention to establishing a suitable environment for the laser machine, such as setting up a special cabinet or arranging a relatively dry place, because the protection level of the laser machine is different, preventing water from causing damage. Machine failure, to avoid some unexpected situations.

Of course, the above is not the whole content of laser machine maintenance. In the 'Operation Regulations of Laser

Maintenance and maintenance methods in daily use of laser printers

Second, maintenance and protection of lasers.

The laser is the core component of the laser marking machine. Often it seems simple but in fact it is not easy to do. The idea of u200bu200bgeneral users is to require manufacturers to provide a high-precision platform. Some manufacturers simply add a thick plexiglass plate on the platform, and use a knife to mill out a sub-commitment on it. There are so many examples of corporate reputation.

So, learn to say no to customers. To make customers willing to pay the company, once the company and the customer have established a cooperative relationship, they have actually established a relationship of mutual dependence. As long as the company does not disappoint customers too much, customers will be willing to pay the company and maintain business survival. Don't assume that the cheapest thing makes the customer happy, and the customer expects an available, reliable product or service.

I think our laser sales staff can't do without our good service support in the background when they create profits for the company. Based on this, I think that every enterprise can't do without the strong service support provided by the enterprise in the administration, personnel, finance, Ru0026D, and after-sales departments to win the profits of customers.

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