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Laser is the key factor that determines the quality of laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-18

For the laser marking machine, the core component laser determines the precision and speed of the marking machine, so the selection of the laser is the most important part of the entire laser marking machine procurement.

Laser is used as the working medium of laser marking machine. The performance of laser directly affects the marking effect. Therefore, choosing a well-designed laser will determine the overall performance of the marking machine. performance. The requirements of laser marking on the laser mainly include beam quality, pulse repetition frequency and wavelength. The beam quality determines the marking accuracy of laser marking. The pulse repetition frequency directly affects the marking speed of laser marking, and the laser wavelength has a significant effect on the focusing effect. Influence and determine the material that can be marked.

The beam quality of the laser directly affects its focusing effect. For dot matrix marking, the focal spot should be less than 0.5 mm, for vector marking should be less than 0.3mm. The size of the focused focal spot of a Gaussian beam is related to the divergence angle, wavelength and focal length of the beam. In the case of a certain wavelength and focal length, it is only related to the divergence angle, while for general lasers, as long as it can output in single mode, it is only related to the divergence angle. After compressing the divergence angle and refocusing, the above-mentioned standard can be achieved.

For the pulse repetition rate of the laser, it directly affects the marking speed.


The above is an example of dot matrix marking, while vector marking is used for laser marking. There are no special requirements for the pulse frequency. Where V is the character marking rate, f is the pulse repetition frequency of the laser, and n is the lattice number of the first character. Taking the marking of 7*5 dot matrix characters as an example, each character needs to be marked with 35 points. According to the marking target to be designed, the number of marked characters per second is 200, and 7000 points need to be marked per second. Each laser pulse can mark a point, and the pulse repetition frequency of the laser must reach 7KHz.

For the wavelength of the laser, in addition to affecting the focus, it mainly determines the laser marking machine can mark Material. For the currently commonly used YAG laser and CO2 laser, the wavelengths are 1.06um and 10.6um respectively, which are suitable for marking metal materials and non-metal materials respectively.

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