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Laser machine dry sharing: to teach you how to easily distinguish between various types of laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-09-28

it has sales of laser marking machine on the market, there are many different versions may look look at is not much difference between, but actually has a certain difference, each business for the choice of the laser marking equipment is all have certain requirements. Consumers purchase demand is diverse, and the same industry for the same kind of goods to meet the demand function is also there is a certain gap, in order to satisfy diversified customers' needs will need to be able to meet the consumers a variety of goods, cannot make simplification products, especially in terms of the features of the product. In the sharing of small make up take you to a simple understanding of the different types of laser printer, hope to be helpful to the preliminary understanding of the business.

all know that the wavelength is different between different laser marking machine, then share a few:

a, ultraviolet laser marking machine: 355 nm

b, deep ultraviolet laser marking machine: 266 nm

c, optical fiber laser marking machine: 1064 nm

d, Co2 laser marking machine: 1064 nm

e, green laser marking machine: 532 nm

f, semiconductor laser marking machine: 1064 nm

besides have different wavelength, the tag range between them and the actual price is also different, performance is as follows:

a, ultraviolet laser marking machine: it is mainly used for some ultra-precision hit targets in the high-end market, can be used in any material, marking the effect is more precise, whole feels more beautifully, but the price is relatively high.

B, green laser marking machine: similar to ultraviolet laser marking machine, mainly used in some high-end fine play mark IC products, give priority to with customized products, so the price is relatively high.

C, semiconductor pump laser marking machine, mainly used in some metal, plastic and other products used in and is often used in high-end products, the overall performance is stable and save electricity, so the price is higher.

D, lamp pumped YAG and semiconductor side pump laser marking machine is used for metal, plastic products used in the low requirements, such as the machine performance is stable, marking effect is also beautiful, price is relatively modest.

E, fiber laser marking machine: it is mainly used for use on some metal material, which has been widely used in electronic products, has a fine marking, save electricity, free maintenance, the characteristics of long working hours and is often used in some high-end products, and price is high.

F, co2 laser marking machine, mainly used in some nonmetallic material used: wood, acrylic, easy to hit target product such as paper, leather, plastic, so the price cheap, is among the cheapest kind of laser machine.

although the principle of laser marking machine is nearly the same, but different versions still exists a gap between sex, the performance is as follows:

1, the co2 laser printer: USES carbon dioxide as a medium, heightening the voltage on the electrode and in combined with electric tube under the action of the gas molecules release laser, and the product itself, carry on the processing of a laser beam

2, optical fiber laser printer: mainly include direct output optical fiber laser, and on the processing of materials, processing

3, lamp pumped YAG laser laser laser marking machine: using light as an energy source, oxygen YAG as medium, and a particular wavelength can work to material release laser, eventually forming can carry on the processing of a laser beam on the material.

4 lateral, semiconductor pump YAG laser printer: use the wavelength of 808 nm semiconductor laser diode pumped and Nd: YAG as medium, the combination of the reversal of the make the medium produces a large number of particles in the switch wavelength of 1064 nm formed under the action of giant pulse laser output, electro-optic conversion efficiency is high.

5, conductor end pump: YAG laser marking machine directly from the semiconductor pump laser crystal face will 808海里) Pumping, induced by the optical lens set of output, the laser conversion efficiency is greatly increased

in and is small make up today for you to sort out work to share about the laser marking machine, hope these knowledge can choose laser marking machine to the businessman have certain effect, also hope for some operators to help.
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