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Laser marking and engraving

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-09

Laser marking and engraving is the use of high-energy-density lasers to locally irradiate the workpiece, so that the surface material is rapidly vaporized or a color change reaction occurs, so as to achieve high-quality marking effects. Laser marking and processing Laser lettering is used to identify products, mainly for products of different materials to choose different laser lettering lasers. So if the customer's logo needs laser engraving to see the best effect, please contact us first: 18663960188 Wechat with the same number, our laser can give your product logo a free proofing experiment effect.

The laser beam gathered by the laser in the laser marking process forms a light knife, which can remove the material points on the workpiece surface. The marking will not produce mechanical extrusion and external force, so it will not damage the processed workpiece marking; because the laser beam is small, the heat affected area is small, and the processing is exquisite and meticulous, it can complete traditional mechanical processing, corrosion, wire cutting, electric welding and other markings The identification process cannot be achieved by the method.

Laser marking and engraving services are applicable to industries: electronic components, integrated circuit (IC) computer keyboards, jewelry, watch glasses, hardware products, mobile phone buttons, shoe materials, handbags, Apparel, computer embroidery, medical equipment, bamboo and wood products, craft gifts, lighting, furniture, packaging and printing, advertising decoration, trademarks, toy models and other industries. In short, you can play anything you can think of.

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