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Laser marking equipment help enterprises solve date anti-counterfeiting code qr code has changed

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-04

a lot of enterprises will be faced with such a problem: on commodity packaging production date, anti-counterfeiting code, qr code, such as main information has changed, but the businessman can do. When the goods from the manufacturer to the multi-channel consumer such as suppliers, dealers, the original manufacturer doesn't ensure that the product won't appear any problems in the process of sales. Many businesses will find goods faster finish overdue but no sales, inventory backlog caused disastrous circumstances, will modify the commodity production date. In this way not only can bring adverse effect to the original brand manufacturer, can also lead to the loss of customers.

why? Reason is very simple, food safety is very important. Number of news about the food poisoning in this society are countless, which expired goods a lot of news also cause food poisoning, expired goods is big, big to the harm of human body health. Not just food, so also for some cosmetics, medicines, is that as people living standard unceasing enhancement, one of the reasons for the consumers pay more and more attention to food safety problems. Recently a box Ma Xian raw replace label events, remember? Is a change commodity production date and mislead consumers a practice, it can bring a lot of adverse to consumers, businesses, and other information such as anti-counterfeiting code, the qr code changes, too. Enterprise how to solve the goods from the sources of information are changed? The use of advanced technology and zero consumables green laser marking equipment identity information processing.

laser marking equipment and traditional printing printing equipment is that the biggest difference between the laser marking is a more efficient and convenient, zero consumables non-contact environmental marking, the most important is the tag information is permanent and cannot be changed. So that the enterprise produces goods can good curb production date been tampered with, the generic event occurred. When the main information cannot be tampered with, imitation can accomplish the standardization of the enterprise internal production process, solve the problem of product can't back, also improve the corporate brand image and the production efficiency, and better protect the rights of consumers, let consumers to more rest assured to buy, not to question its, even lose confidence.

a laser marking equipment can let the goods production date on the 'stamp' on the outer packing, and with its perfect combination, will not appear fall off or be cleaner to clean off, not easy also been tampered with; Can also effectively qr code assigned code to let consumers easily through the qr code information query the authenticity of the goods, reduce the probability of famous brands are generic, also reduces the overrun of counterfeit goods in the market; Can make goods do real 'yard', release management, product management, back yard management, traceability of data management, regulations, report management, tracing management of production and raw materials traceability management, inventory management, early warning management, flow to the query, channeling prevention management, drug anti-counterfeit query etc series of services, to establish a better traceability system for consumers, enterprises and realize the visualization of the many links such as.

all in all, the enterprise to solve commodity information of tampered should use laser marking equipment, laser marking machine itself is a kind of long life, good stability, high efficiency, easy operation, good effect of marking, marking equipment zero consumables and zero pollution, and marking effect is permanent, not more modification, not cleaning, such as performance, solve the traditional printing, printing ink printing can change the disadvantage, also solved the enterprise for date, anti-counterfeiting code, the qr code information been tampered with.
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