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Laser marking machine-a common method of marking automotive parts

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-12

In the automotive industry, product labeling and marking are an integral part of the manufacturing process.

Because thousands of parts have to be manufactured and processed to assemble cars, a reliable direct part marking machine is needed to ensure the correct delivery and installation of these parts.

From bolts, motors, seats to wheels, all these parts have their own unique part numbers, which define their function and location in the assembled car.

Laser marking codes and their applications

What are these laser marking codes and how to apply them? Automated manufacturing and distribution systems rely on barcodes to define which parts flow to certain stations on the assembly line.

An increasingly common method of marking automotive parts is to use a laser marking machine.

The laser marking machine is a marking machine that uses a laser beam to change the surface of the manufactured part.

Not to be confused with laser etching and laser engraving processes, laser marking is an almost non-invasive method of marking automotive parts.

In contrast to laser etching and engraving, which 'digs' and removes material from the surface, laser marking only modifies the surface, which leads to discoloration of the surface of the part.

This discoloration is the barcode and/or text we see on the car parts being installed.

The working principle of laser marking machine is to use laser to heat the surface.

These lasers in turn oxidize the material and transform it into a color that contrasts with the original surface material.

Laser marking machines are usually used for steel and titanium materials, but they can also be used for marking other materials, such as glass and certain polymers.

The above is about the application of laser marking machine in the automotive industry, interested friends hurry up and learn about it.

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