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Laser marking machine bitmap printing effect

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-20

The laser marking machine equipment is a matching laser generator, controlled by computer software, combined with the focusing and deflection principle of the optical lens, to project the laser onto the surface of the product. According to the drawings and parameters set by the software, the controllable laser can discolor or evaporate the surface of the product, forming a lasting mark.

The most common application of laser marking machine is vector graphics. In short, a vector diagram is a graph composed of closed curves, such as points and lines drawn by drawing software such as CDR and CAD, which is resolution independent and does not distort as the graph is enlarged or reduced. Only this picture can set filling parameters and marking parameters on the laser marking machine equipment. And can control better marking effect. When we import the bitmap into the software, the software will disperse it into points with similar resolution according to its own operation function to complete the laser marking. The principle is the same as that of black and white TV imaging. Currently, bitmap laser marking cannot complete color marking. After the color picture is imported into the software, the software of the laser marking machine will convert it into a bitmap in black and white mode, and automatically distribute the laser energy according to the proportion of the black and white picture, complete the light and dark laser on the surface of the material, and form a black and white picture.

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