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Laser marking machine business is true or false

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-21

With the rapid development of laser technology, the application fields of laser marking machines are becoming more and more extensive, and the price of equipment is getting lower and lower. Some people who have ideas plan to buy a laser marking machine for external laser marking processing. Start a business. Don't underestimate the laser marking processing market, this is a place for digging treasures, the sooner you invest, the greater the profit. When you understand the purpose and function of the laser marking machine, complete the market and network research. You will find that it is very versatile, and many products are inseparable from laser marking and lettering. Is the laser marking machine business real or fake? Does it really make money? The following examples are used as evidence:

Case 1: I am from Linyi, and my entrepreneurial journey has been bumpy and bumpy, and it is impossible to say that it is smooth sailing. It is not easy to start a business with a laser marking machine at the beginning, and now it is not easy to act as an agent for laser equipment and have your own processing plant. The way of doing business is mentioned for everyone's reference, to point out a way for some people who want to start a business but don't know how to start. Maybe you have a better way to create your own wealth, but please don't deny it. Take the first step boldly, say goodbye to lazy life, don't worry about success, it's better than standing still and waiting in ignorance! Time does not wait for people. Entrepreneurship is to dare to work hard. In my knowledge, many bosses who have succeeded in starting a business are inevitably sad and sweaty, and I have never encountered an example of a successful business with ease.

Case 2: At the beginning of the market research, I recommend you to find some places with many factories to do it. I am here in Chengyang Arts and Crafts City, and there are some accessories and accessories here. Jewelry craftsmen come to buy materials. They all have products that need to be processed and marked out. For example, marking logo trademarks, graphics, production dates, QR codes, barcodes, etc., these small factories generally do not consider buying a machine to do it themselves, because the product volume may not be large or the information is poor and do not know this technology. And as long as you get samples and talk to them about the results, you can usually win the project. For example, now I often receive some outbound processing tasks. When the most profitable, I will mark a pulley pattern and receive three pieces of processing. fee, more than 10,000. This order alone made me a lot of money, and the marking time for one pulley is only more than ten seconds. You can calculate how much I made after removing the labor? In addition to outsourcing processing, I also represent laser equipment. When someone needs to buy a machine to process it myself, I can also introduce recommended equipment. In this regard, you are willing to help other companies as agents. Is there any reason for them to refuse? I won't say much about what I earn.

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