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Laser marking machine can play qr code? Qr code laser marking factory house to answer

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-22
Due to the traditional processing technology has been difficult to meet the needs of today, keep pace with the development of science and technology, so the modern qr code processing equipment has entered the stage of the industry, laser marking machine has become one of the qr code processing equipment. Traditional equipment engraving qr code can only be engraved on the metal, not on paper, cloth, leather, and sculpt the depth and width of the traditional equipment is very poor, the beautiful sex of material is very poor, if can use laser inkjet machine, but this kind of qr code mark can't keep them too long, easy to erase, imitation emerge in endlessly. Qr code laser marking machine not only can be engraved in the metal and nonmetal qr code, and can be used in a non-contact laser processing, solve the shortcomings of the traditional coding method. Laser marking anti-counterfeiting code anti-counterfeiting superior performance, can effectively combat & quot; Fake goods & quot; , laser marking bar code information is clear and beautiful, durable, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, not easy to erase, can effectively prevent the market, and through & quot; Qr code tracking system & quot; Implement the overall traceability, can effectively strengthen the regulation of local distributors and agents. Through the study of the knowledge, it can be seen that the laser marking machine engraving qr code has a broad market prospect, and it has many advantages, more and more people choose to use it. Qr code is applied to the products of our lives, the qr code is now more easily by laser engraving on the approved product, it is widely used in many fields, such as simple, efficient, fast, carving, low cost, etc. Treasure specifically for these businesses provide qr code laser marking machine.
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