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Laser marking machine can print photos

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-03

Laser marking machine can print photos In this era of advanced information, mobile phone photography has become very common, and everyone wants to record their precious moments forever. This has to ask: Can the laser marking machine print photos? Many people may not know that it is possible to mark photos with a laser marking machine. First of all, let’s talk about the fiber laser marking machine. The fiber laser marking machine can be used to mark numbers, letters, text, pictures, QR codes, and barcodes. And so on, the action objects are metals and some non-metals. Widely used in mobile power supply, mobile phone shell, alumina blackening, tablet computer, ring, watch, sanitary ware, electronic components and other industries. Because it is widely used, it is deeply loved by people.

Of course, there are also requirements for the quality of the photo laser equipment, because the fiber laser marking machine is not a printer. Generally speaking, the laser marking machine marks the pattern according to the The resolution of the pattern is determined by marking, the darker part of the picture will be darker, and the lighter part of the picture will be lighter. The fiber laser marking machine cannot make adjustments according to the color of the pattern to print the corresponding color. However, the photos marked by the laser marking machine are permanent.

The color marked on the object is different based on the color of the object itself. We can use the color of some materials. There are many varieties, such as stainless steel, and even colorful ones. But no matter which color is marked, it is necessary to adjust the parameters appropriately in advance. After the adjustment, the parameters will not change during the marking process, so if our pictures are rich in color, but the contrast between the colors is not high, a lot of details will be lost after being marked with a fiber laser marking machine. Many places with low contrast may appear as a color, and the resolution is not obvious. Z is easy to use pictures with very high contrast, so that the image restoration degree is relatively high.

With the development of science and technology, laser marking machines are more and more close to your life, making your life change Be colorful!

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