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Laser marking machine characteristics and suitable materials

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-27
Generally speaking, the advantages of laser equipment has the following points, and has no effect on the damage of the product! ! ! ! 1. The widely used materials can be used for almost all materials. 2. Non-contact processing: no data mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress. There is no & quot; Mark & quot; Appearance, does not harm the workpiece deformation materials; 3. Precise and meticulous: machining precision can reach 0. 01 mm, generally less than 0. 5毫米; 4. Save the environment: the beam diameter is small, the safety and health; 5. The effect is the same: to ensure the same laser equipment processing effect is exactly the same; 6. High speed, fast: for small laser equipment processing services, according to the computer output graphics high-speed laser engraving and cutting immediately. 7. Tags: laser equipment mark into material inside, it is not easy to wear and tear, unlike screen printing, easy to be erased or natural wear and tear. 8. Low cost: cheaper laser processing, not restricted by machining quantity.
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