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Laser Marking Machine: Do you know about the laser marking system?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-27

For friends who want to buy laser equipment, laser marking machine is recommended here - Guangzhou Lianda Laser Technology Co., Ltd. This company is a professional manufacturer of intelligent laser equipment, proficient in product manufacturing and software development, with a large number of optical, mechanical and electrical professionals, can provide customers with laser equipment with stable and reliable quality and diversified functions. Next, the laser marking machine would like to ask everyone: Do you understand the laser marking system?

Manufacturers of laser marking systems use very sophisticated commercial laser marking software that controls scanning The movement of the galvanometer makes the laser spot move relative to the workpiece. But at the heart of the marking machine are the lasers and optics that determine what the machine can do. There are almost infinite combinations of these marks, such as characters and graphics, logos, unique alphanumerics or many different barcode designs. Its uses are also varied: tracking, anti-counterfeiting, material, batch or manufacturer identification. The main function of all markings must be readable by machine or the naked eye. In addition, it also has requirements, namely:

(1) During the entire service life, it will not affect the function of the part in any way ( For example, the part must not be mechanically weakened or corroded);

(2) the marking must be intact during the life of the part;

(3) the marking must be aesthetically pleasing.

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