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Laser marking machine effect pattern and laser marking machine use

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-10

The laser marking machine can print text and pictures on most product materials. Different types of marking machines can be used for different product materials. The photos that have been taken can be marked by computer editing, or by ps, cdr, cad, etc. File editing and marking, marking accurate to microns.

Laser marking machines are mainly divided into three categories: optical fiber, ultraviolet, and co2. From the figure below, we can see the effects of the three types on different materials.

Laser marking machine marking effect pattern classification can be summarized as fiber metal laser marking machine, co2 non-metallic laser marking machine, UV mainly for plastic, glass, porcelain marking Standard, other expansion mopa can make black on metal, and the effect of light-transmitting button on the end pump is better, these are not absolute, just like the optical fiber can destroy the paint on the surface of the product, the high-power optical fiber can also be used to cut metal products, violet light High power can also be used to cut glass products, co2 high power can be used to engrave wood, laser marking machine to cut leather, etc.

The laser marking machine has moved from the factory to the individual. The shape of the laser marking machine is presented to the public and recognized by more people. Thanks to the laser marking machine With the rapid development of machine cost reduction, we may see entrepreneurs posing on the street with a laser marking machine busy typing text on mobile phone casings for others, and we may see laser marking machines in jewelry stores I am busy engraving on jewelry, and I see free engraving on cans in large shopping malls.

This series of scenes has to make us question what the laser marking machine is used for, we will be curious to ask you what it is, free lettering for self-employment activities Wait, it will probably be said that it is a fiber laser marking machine, then what is the use of this fiber laser marking machine, we will be curious about the next sentence, 'engraving, engraving various picturesDeeper use of fiber laser marking machine.

First of all, we should know that the UV laser marking machine fiber laser marking machine can be controlled by a computer to draw patterns and texts, and then print your drawn patterns and texts on the product , Is it possible to print text and patterns on all products? This is negative. Laser marking machines are all computer-controlled operations, but not all products are suitable for printing patterns and text, which is the so-called effect, so we It is necessary to understand that the metal material of the fiber laser marking machine can print pattern text, and some plastics can also be used. If you want to talk about the effect, it may be more obvious when used on plastics.

The fiber laser marking machine is used for metal, and there are many metal products, so it has a wide range of uses. Enterprises add labels, brand logos, factory dates, various product parameters, etc. to their products. Some people may think that cij printers can do it, and even label pens can be used. Why use several times or ten times higher than these? Several times the product is not cost-effective, but why are there so many manufacturers and individuals using the IC automatic laser marking machine, because the fiber laser marking machine has its advantages, first of all, free of consumables, theoretically 100,000 hours free Maintenance, counting the cost in the later stage, the fiber laser marking machine is better than the cij printer. The marking of the fiber laser marking machine is a physical and chemical reaction with the product, which is different from the physical reaction, physical or chemical reaction that occurs in the inkjet and ordinary marking. It means that it is difficult to be erased, and the fine and beautiful aspects cannot be compared on many products. The fiber laser marking machine can be designed by computer, and then marked with an accuracy of microns, which is different from ordinary markings, which can be accurate to Millimeters are enough.

From analysis to analysis, we should use a fiber laser marking machine for those with high precision requirements, and use a fiber laser for permanent marking according to the product. The marking machine needs to use the fiber laser marking machine with anti-counterfeiting ability, and needs to use the fiber laser marking machine for the pattern that is difficult to mark.

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